Madison Street Capital And a Reputation to Remember

The financial world is on the edge of their seats and to see the team of MSC do its work. What you have to understand is that the Madison Street Capital reputation isn’t one that was built overnight. It was built effectively day by day. It’s likely that the firm will continue to do so as long as it remains disciplined.


This disciplinary factor includes a strong ambition to enter into new fields. But the agency must remain true to what’s enabled it to be successful in the first place. When we read recent news about how the investment bank turned a challenging merger into an easy task, it’s clear. And we, those in the financial world, know it was a tough job.


Why Madison Street Capital Can Be So Successful


It started from the firm’s inception. Since its very first day, Madison Street Capital has been able to differentiate itself from other agencies. Not only is it in the heart of New York City, but the firm’s management understands the importance of a rare work ethic. Which seems like an obvious gesture to make as a business.


But when you’re competing solely on the difference between how one team works versus another, then you model the work ethic of Madison Street Capital. Just think for one moment. It’s easy to put a group of people together. It’s even easier to sell packages to investors and through the prospect of getting a strong return.


So what would make a firm like this stand out? Exactly. The recent merger between two giant tech companies proves that MSC stands out and in a substantial way.


What Can We Expect In The Future


As it stands now, the firm has a strong list of clients. It knows who are worth having and who need to be avoided entirely. The agency also has offices across the globe, so what it’s able to accomplish is within every time zone there is.


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Jeremy Goldstein Honorable Lawyer

For New York residents there is an easy new way to find a lawyer who can help you with all your legal needs. Why is that? Well the New York State Bar Assoxiation in addition with has developed an online portal that matches you with a lawyer fitting of all your legal needs. Before the online portal was created it was ran completely through a telephone service that has been operating for over 35 years.


The service is incredibly convenient and very easy to use. All people must do it fill out an online questionnaire detailing what legal matter that are facing. After they submit their form via the online portal a memeber of the New York State Bar Association will review it and make the appropriate contact to get you in touch with the right lawyer. The New York State Bar Association has reviewed every lawyer closely that is listed on their service. They work to make sure that each lawyer is in good legal standing. If they are not then their services are simply not available through the service. The online portal is doing wonders for the business of lawyers and is greatly of benefit to people in need of legal services. It is a mutually beneficial service. Referrals are free and there is only ever any cost of clients choose to go forward with lawyer services.


Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in school and law for quite some time. His schooling is extensive with three degrees from three different universities. Jeremy Goldstein founded his own firm Jeremy Goldstein and Associates.


Jeremy Goldstein is pretty popular in the lawyer world. He has done work for many large business across the world. His work with businesses is mostly related to corporate governance and acquisitions. He also writes about corporate governance.


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Life Line Screening’s CMO Andrew Manganaro Speaks about His Mission

The Chief Medical Officer of Life Line Screening, a preventative health screening company, knows about the dangers of asymptomatic diseases. Doctor Andrew Manganaro worked as a cardiovascular surgeon with a busy private practice. In this role, he saw case after case which could have been prevented had the patient been aware of the underlying causes. Emergent surgeries, such as those performed for ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms, and carotid embolic strokes, could have been prevented. He wanted to give his patients a way to screen for the underlying cause while it could still be managed with medicine and diet, rather than emergent surgery. He started Life Line Screening (LLS) upon retirement from his 35 year long career as a cardiovascular surgeon.


Life Line Screening offers clients a way to find asymptomatic diseases before they manifest in catastrophic outcomes. The non-invasive EKG and ultra-sound testing can be done affordably and quickly. LLS is currently the nation’s larges vascular and vascular associated diseases screening company. Doctor Manganaro states that LLS has screened over 8 million people. The tests offered include EKG screening to test for atrial fibrillation (which can lead to stroke), tests for osteoporosis, and measurements of arteries and the abdominal aorta. These tests help clients become aware of cardiovascular diseases and other asymptomatic diseases so that they can make modifications in the early stages of the disease. Doctor Manganaro has also said that he has plans to introduce a program that can test for adult onset diabetes and more information click here.


Doctor Andrew Manganaro is a graduate of the New York University School of Medicine, and continues to partner with them. He and his team are dedicated to continuing and promoting research in the field of preventative medicine. To that end, LLS also collaborates with the University of California at San Francisco, and Oxford University, as well as others. Doctor Manganaro explains that staying involved, and on the forefront of cutting edge research helps to drive the company forward. In a recent interview he stated, “We invested in research and scientific publication, which has helped make our mission clear” and learn more about Lifeline Screening.


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Lacey and Larkin fighting for Human Rights and Freedom

Human rights are the foundation of sustainable peace and development in every environment. KIOS Foundation strengthens and advocates the realization of human rights and freedom by supporting the civil society in cases pertaining human rights. KIOS Foundation focuses in channeling its support to mainly developing countries in East Africa and South Asia. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Freedom House is another independent watchdog organization. It is dedicated to expanding freedom and democracy across the world. The foundation advocates for civil liberties and political rights analyses the difficulties to freedom and support activists defending human rights to uphold the democratic rights.

In case the government denies legal rights and due process to a vulnerable group it means everyone`s rights are at stake. The ACLU Immigrants` Rights Project is committed to enforcing and protecting civil rights and civil liberties of immigrants and also ensuring private and public discrimination against them.

Using advocacy, public outreach, and targeted impact litigation, the ACLU Has been protecting the rights and liberties of immigrants for over 25 years. Read more: About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund

National Network of International Rights (NNIRR) has also played the major role in fighting for the rights of migrants. NNIRR has worked hard to strengthen the voice and the rights of international migrants. Currently, NNIRR collaborates with Global Coalition on Migration which grew out of Migrants Rights International (MRI) and with the Women in Migration Network. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Women in Migration Network focuses on gender analyses and positions in the global migration. However, NNIRR organizes and propose the proper global justice perspectives, empowerment of migrants and human rights. However, these kinds of groups require finance and the appropriate resources for them to operate fully.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is aimed to support groups advocating for civil, human and migrants rights and also freedom of civic participation and speech in Arizona. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are the co-founders and CO-CEOs of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. Lacey and Larkin have funded organizations advocating for the migrant rights in Arizona.

They dedicated $3.75 million to the organizations. The money resulted from the arrest in the year 2007 by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, after the Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey revealing the existence of grand jury proceedings that had stories covering the Sheriff. Disturbingly, grand jury demanded the identity of citizens who read and view New Times Stories online involving the Sheriff. Lacey and Larkin would spend a lot of their time and careers defending and asserting their first amendment rights and sued the county.

The Nastiness of the Struggle Addressed by Doug Levitt

One thing that is very true at this moment is that many Americans are struggling. While some people are just getting a taste of this struggle, there are others that are very deep into the struggle. As people get deeper into the struggle, they are exposed to more adverse conditions. For instance, some people who are on top of their struggles are likely to be faced with issues from other people or just health issues. People that are deep into the struggle are faced with the works of all of the issues that they could imagine. These elements could actually prevent them from getting out of the struggle and more information click here.


Doug Levitt has heard all of the stories. These stories have ranged from people just hitting rock bottom and getting back on one’s feet quickly to having one’s whole life taken away from him and having others make it as hard as possible for him to get back on his feet. One thing that is certain is that people have all kinds of funny mentalities when it comes to the struggling. One of the common ideas about people who are down on their luck is that they did everything to get themselves there. Another mindset is that these people who are struggling are strictly there for the pleasure of someone who acts as if he is taking pity on that person and what Doug Levitt knows.


One common theme with the struggle that Doug Levitt sees is that people who are down and out are not seen as fully human. Therefore, they are especially vulnerable to the nastiness that is out in the world. Doug Levitt himself has written stories that have exposed people to the horrors that could come with homeless and other similar circumstances faced by people. These often have them trying to start over by Greyhound travel.

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Tammy Mazzocco: Real Estate Is Her Passion

Tammy Mazzocco has put in many hours, in the real estate profession and it paid off. She is one of the prominent real estate professionals in Ohio.

Mazzocco started out at as a secretary for The Edward Realty Company working with nine commercial brokers. Her next position was with Scotland Yard Condominiums where she spent seven years. In 1995, she obtained her real estate agents license and was mentored by Ken Brook, the general manager of Scotland Yard. Brook was also the owner, as a real estate broker, of Cook Realty. Brook taught her the art of selling real estate.

T&R Properties hired her as a property manager, and in 1998 Tammy Mazzocco was employed as a personal assistant for RE/MAX, in Columbus, and was mentored by one of RE/MAXtop salespersons, Joe Armeni. In 1999, inspired by Joe Arman, Tammy Mazzocco decided to pursue a full-time career in real estate. With the encouragement of Judy Gang & Associates, she opens up her real estate business, under the RE/MAX brand.

Real estate is her “passion.” Mazzocco was challenged making “cold calls” seeking leads. She was inspired by Dr. Phils “Life Strategies.” and found that the most useful software in her business is Follow Up Boss. To achieve her success, Massoccoo wrote scripts and practiced with other agents, who played the role as clients. You can visit Yelp to know more.

In Mazzocco’s Facebook page and website, she proudly puts up photographs of her sales and her satisfied customers. Massocco, at first was not comfortable speaking about such personal topics as people’s finances. Like all real estate professionals, you have to pre-qualify a client to determine what is affordable.

Tammy Mazzocco believes that following a regiment to success in real estate requires time management and a plan to reach your goals for each day, each week and each month.

More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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The Copa Star Hospital Is Rio De Janiero’s First Luxury Hospital

The Copa Star is a recently introduced luxury hospital that is located in Brazil’s Rio De Janiero. The Copa Star is outfitted with the latest in automation in both the patient’s suites as well as in the hospital’s labs and surgery rooms. Additionally, it is designed to meet every need of the patients including providing a comfortable and luxurious environment in order to speed the healing process.

Most hospitals have a familiar, sterile smell to them. The Copa Star was designed with an olfactory system in place that gives the hospital the smell of pleasing citrus and woody scents. Adding to the patient’s comfortable stay, the Copa Star features the work of the well-known Japanese artist Yutaka Toyota. The hospital food features a menu that was designed by internationally noteworthy chef Roland Villard which is a huge step up from the food served at most hospitals.

The patient’s suites have autonomous features that the patient can access from their bed through and iPad which they are given when being admitted. This app allows them to control the bed, the drapes, and the lighting. The rooms also feature screens which the patient can control and allows them to watch movies, television shows, or view relaxing real-time video of the Copacabana Beach which lies just outside of the hospital. The app also allows patients to summon a nurses attention or discuss their condition with their doctors. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

The surgery rooms at the Copa Star feature the latest robotic medicine technologies. These ably assist physicians while they are performing surgery. There are many types of surgeries that couldn’t be performed in Rio De Janiero before the Copa Star was established which led to people needing to be transported to other Brazilian cities. As the Copa Star has 9 surgery rooms they can perform several surgeries at the same time.

The Copa Star is the first luxury hospital for Rede D’Or São Luiz, the company behind it.

The Hospital Copa Star features a highly experienced group of medical professionals. The 500 member staff includes 113 doctors. The staff has doctors who are specialists in every type of different medical field including pulmonologists, internists, neurologists, and cancer care doctors among several others. The nursing staff has been specially trained in helping patients as they are held to the highest standards in a luxury hospital like the Copa Star.

They have several hospitals in Brazil. The Founder and CEO of Rede D’Or São Luiz, Dr. Jorge Moll, has said that they will likely be expanding the concept into more cities in the coming years as it is proving to be a very popular concept. View the design at

How Betsy DeVos Has Been A Lifelong Philanthropist

Betsy DeVos has given philanthropically throughout her life. Her main passions to give to are educational and arts causes, mainly in Michigan but nationally as well. Betsy and her husband, Dick, have a foundation they donate their money through, the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation. Betsy has been passionate throughout her life about making a positive difference in the world.

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One of the educational issues that has been a focus of Betsy’s philanthropy is school choice. She believes that families should have the option of attending different types of schools rather than just a public school, especially in zip codes where public schools are clearly failing. She has financially supported a number of national organizations that advocate for school choice and opening privately run alternatives such as charter schools. In order to help families pay for these private schools, she believes there should be legislative reforms such as tax credits and vouchers.

Due to the efforts of Betsy DeVos and others like her, there are now school choice options in 17 states across the nation as well as in Washington D.C. She has been involved philanthropically in school choice for more than 30 years, ever since she saw one in operation first hand in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This city has the Potter’s House Christian School and a majority of the school’s students come from low-income families. The public school district has been a disaster for many years and these parents decided to make a huge financial sacrifice in order that their children would receive a better education. Eventually, Betsy began sponsoring children at the school by helping to pay for their education.

Among the educational organizations that Betsy DeVos has supported over the years with both funding and her experience is the American Federation For Children. She served as this organization’s Chairman of the Board. She has also served on the board of a number of other educational organizations like the Alliance for School Choice.

As she has a lengthy background advocating for children’s education, she was nominated by President Donald Trump for the position of the U.S. Secretary of Education. She was confirmed in this position by the Senate and started serving in February 2017. She has said that her interest in education evolved from her mother who taught in public schools. Once she had children of her own, Betsy came to realize that not every child has the same access to a quality education, especially in districts where a large number of families are disadvantaged.

As the Secretary of Education, Betsy has vowed to help all students get a quality education. She also wants to restore more control of schools to states and local school districts rather than the large role that the federal government currently has. Visit Betsy’s profile on

Norman Pattiz has Released Results of a Study Conducted on Leading Brands by Podcast

Mr. Norman Pattiz announced results of advertising tests on February 9, 2017, in Los Angeles. The results were based on five chief state end user brands across five diverse product and service categories. The study happened to be conducted over the last half of 2016 by PodCastOne. The results indicated a positive impact of Podcast advertising on intention to acquire, evoke of precise messaging, and brand recollect.

Impact of Adverts Conducted by Podcast

The study yielded some results, which included recalling of unambiguous grocery by 60 percent from 7 percent. It was also discovered that after the study lawn and garden products amplified their usage by 6 percent, the casual dine restaurants enhanced their preference to 76 percent. The automobile aftermath products also augmented to 60 percent.

In order to confirm the efficiency of Podcast campaign, Edison Research did three separate studies in 2016 on behalf of PodcastOne. A similar methodology was used in the Podcast campaign that lasted for 4 to 6 weeks. Online survey was used to target audiences before and after the podcast adverts. Surprisingly, similar results were gathered as products rose in levels of consideration in purchasing.

Mr. Norman said that their core intention is to make sure Podcast conducts advertisements that are beyond traditional formats. He also said that the adverts should have an impact on brands they promote. He further said that the results had validated their multi-tiered approach to incorporate promotion and measurement.

About Norman Pattiz

Bloomberg revealed that Norman Pattiz is a resident of Beverly Hills. Mr. Pattiz is the Founder and the chair of PodcastOne, a company he launched in 2012. Pattiz has an outstanding experience in radio syndication. He is also the creator of the founder of Westwood one.

According to PR Newswire, it is the largest contributor of news, sports, entertainment, talk, and traffic programming. By 2010, Norman Pattiz had launched Countryside Entertainment Group. Its main objective was to fabricate and deal out quality programming.

He served on the Broadcasting Board of Governance (BBG) of the USA. Pattiz is also responsible for launching America’s Arabic radio and television services to all twenty-two countries of Middle East. He established Farsi language broadcasting station in Iran.

Norman holds the chair post at the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratory. In 2009, Norman received Giants of Broadcasting Award from the globally respected Library of American Broadcasting. Mr. Pattiz is a devoted member of the Council of the Foreign Relations and The Pacific Council on International Relations.

An Overview of InnovaCare Health and CEO Rick Shinto

InnovaCare Health is a firm that offers managed medical services. It provides physical practice services and Medicare plans. It is the leading health care company in Fort Lee, New Jersey, where it is headquartered. As a premium Medicare and Medicaid provider, InnovaCare Health manages two health plans within the Puerto Rican Government Health Plan, namely; the PMC Medicare Choice and the MMM Healthcare. The health plans cover multiple Medicare services ensuring fully integrated, cost effective, sustainable advanced technology in the health sector. The company boasts of over 7500 professionals offering services to nearly 200,000 members. With the diverse and evolving healthcare industry, InnovaCare Health leverages their enormous experience to provide and coordinate innovative health care to their clients. Hence, the firm joined Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network, which helps to reform payment methods to improve quality of services provided. Contact details available at

The Leadership of InnovaCare Health

The success story of the InnovaCare Health can only be complete when the people behind the excellent management are revealed. Besides talent and unique patient –doctor relations, InnovaCare Health leadership has played a vital role in inspiring and impacting the team to allow the firm run smoothly and competently. The company announced its three new additions to the company on July 28, 2016. Jonathan Meyers assumed the position of Chief Actuary Officer, Mike Sortino was named as the Chief Accounting Officer, and lastly, Penelope Kokkinides assumed the position of Chief Accounting Officer of InnovaCare.

Before taking up the current position, Kokkinides worked as the vice chair of the clinical operations as well as the principal operating officer of the company. She has more than two decades of experience in healthcare programs dealing with government projects. She has in-depth expertise and knowledge in the development and management of clinical programs and medical operations with a specialty in organizational infrastructure and efficiencies.

Before joining InnovaCare, Kokkinides worked at the Centre Light Health Care firm as the Chief Operation Officer and vice president. She attended the Binghamton University where she graduated with a degree in classical languages and biological sciences.


Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is another outstanding individual in InnovaCare Health. He is the president and the CEO of the firm from 2008 to date. He has equal experience in clinical management and operations as his counterpart Kokkinides. Before InnovaCare Health, he worked as the principal medical officer for the Medical Pathways. He won the ‘A Tribute to Caring’ award following heartfelt empathetic gestures and support to his patients and their loved one’s as they underwent treatment.