Investigator Pro Identifies Criminal Callers

Securus Technologies has now released JLG Technologies’ Investigator Pro 4.0. Investigator Pro 4.0 provides a searchable voice solution that allows investigators to select an inmate voice and search for other calls made by the same inmate. It also allows investigators to record and search for phone calls based on the voice of the called party.


Investigator Pro uses advanced voice recognition technology that gives law enforcement the ability to discover all the phone calls made by suspects. Investigators can use the voice of the called party to identify any other inmates they may have spoken with. IPRO 4.0 is an important tool modern law enforcement can use to discover and investigate criminal networks such as gangs or terrorists.


Voice searches are combined with other analytic features, such as voice-identification confidence ratings or tagging specific groups of individuals, all based on inmate phone calls, and without the need for knowing phone numbers or PINs. Investigators can get concrete answers to questions like:


* Who are these incarcerated suspects talking to?

* Who is this person and what is their criminal background?

* What other inmates is this person in contact with?




Based out of Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies promotes public safety through monitoring more than 1.2 million inmates across North America. This has been of great benefit to thousands of law enforcement and corrections officers around the country. Securus offers products that assist both civil and criminal justice authorities in inmate self service, managing public information, communications, and biometric identification and analysis. To learn more please visit Securus Technologies website.


Making Money in the Investing Field

Money is important in everyone’s lives. It is needed for food, housing, clothing and other things that provide a suitable lifestyle. People who are conscious of its importance often seek a means of investing that will allow their money to earn a larger amount than can be realized with the average bank interest.
Many seek an investment bank or a regular bank that has an investment banking division. This type of bank provides financial-related services to corporations, governments and individuals. The bank’s representative acts as an agent for the client and has the power to make decisions regarding which investment will provide the best return. They may also work with clients regarding acquisitions and mergers.

An investment bank, or regular bank investment section, has a buy and sell side, which involves trading and /or promotion of securities. Each bank employs an advisor who must be licensed and is subject to regulations regarding the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Such an agent spends their career helping clients to earn more money on their original investment.

One of the most well known investment banking companies in the country is Lustgarten, owned and operated by CEO Martin Lustgarten. Due to its involvement in worldwide investment banking, the company has its pulse on economic growth in other countries as well as in the United States.

The Lustgarten Company deals mainly with corporations, governments, financial institutions, industry, high-end individuals and other entities. The goal of the company is to make money for their clients by buying, selling and trading financial products. Working for many years in the financial market, Mr. Lustgarten takes a personal interest in his clients and educates them regarding the value of stock options and securities.

Lustgarten is known as one of the best investment banks in the world. This is due to Mr. Lustgarten’s extensive experience in the financial field. Critics agree that his company offers an outstanding leadership in the area of investing with clients kept informed of every option and transaction.

Malini Saba’s Investing Prowess

In the past, the investment industry was male dominated. However, women are now flipping the gender norms and emerging as smart and successful. Malini Saba is one of the upcoming women who have been successful at making investments in different sectors of the economy. Malini Saba is a renowned investor and philanthropist. She is from South Asia.
Malini is the founder of Saban, a company that has varied investment interests around the globe. The company has invested in oil and gas in China, technology companies in US and the real estate’s of Australia and India. At the midst of her philanthropic activities, Malini focuses on women and children. In 2001, she founded a non-profit organization called “Stree: Global Investments in Women”. The organization’s goal was to change the perception of low income and vulnerable women and children in the global society. The organization provides varied services such as legal empowerment and healthcare. Additionally, Stree offers a platform for grassroots movements to interact and understand public policy in Africa, Central America, Eastern Europe and India. The former U.S. president, Bill Clinton, launched Stree. Present during the launch was Jordan’s Queen Noor.
Malini’s philanthropic activities saw her donate $1 million to start up Mountain View in 2005. This is the world’s first Heart Research Center, which is based in El Camino Hospital. Tsunami victims in India and Sri Lanka benefited from her generosity back in 2004 when she visited the regions affected by the catastrophe. In order to support the affected families, Malini pledged $10 million. Malini Saba’s successful investment career started as a venture capitalist. She was interested in technology and that is why she started investing in Silicon Valley-based companies. This enabled her to gain extensive experience on how to go about investing. To this end, she invested in more than 20 technology companies including Netscreen Technologies, Sycamore Networks and PayPal Corporation. PayPal Inc was later acquired by eBay for about $1.5 billion. Jupiter Networks, Inc. bought Netscreen Technologies for around $4 billion. This information was originally mentioned on The Huffington Post.
About Malini Saba
Malini Saba pursued her higher education from the University of Western Australia in Perth and Stanford University, California, where she received her master’s and PhD in Psychology. While in college, Malini had to do casual jobs in order to supplement her income. This is where she met people from the venture capital community as she also attended lectures in business management. From their ideas, she began investing her meager savings in the stock market and commodities. Malini’s hard work saw her become a multi-millionaire by the time she was 34 years old. This information was originally reported on Malini Saba’s website as outlined here.