Analysis of The Services Offered by USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is an insurance company that offers innovative Life, Accident and Disability Insurance, and Specified Diseases/Sicknesses solutions for families, self-employed individuals, small business owners, and their staff. Through its subsidiaries, Freedom of Life Insurance Company of America and Foundation Life Insurance Company, USHEALTH Group strives to be America’s Trusted Choice for Healthcare by offering individually tailored plans to its clients. The Fort Worth, Texas-based company has served over 15 million customers for more than 50 years. They have managed to operate as a going concern in the complex world of health insurance. This success has been achieved through offering their customers with exceptional buying experience. These services are provided under the guidance of approved and trusted USHEALTH Advisors Agents who are qualified and highly trained on specific products.

Their undying devotion to individual attention has earned them a title as world leaders in customer care, innovation and business growth. Both subsidiaries of USHEALTH Group operate on crucial elements, which are “every customer is unique” and ‘one size fits all’ is not always the answer. Operating on these core values, the company offers a broad choice of affordable products that meet specific needs of every customer. This has helped them build a stellar reputation in customer care, earning them a rating of A+ from Better Business Bureau.

The USHEALTH Group of companies believes that healthcare insurance needs vary from customer to customer. To this end, they offer them with an array of options. They have established a broad portfolio of coverage plans on elements of flexibility, reliability and affordability in favor of customers’ choice. Clients having limited budget or those concerned about satisfying a high annual deductible before they receive benefits from the insurance plans are well catered for by the company. The entity offers options that provide first dollar benefits for the services covered and discounts across a wide spectrum of providers.

For clients who prefer the security of a more personalized approach and can afford a certain level of cost sharing, the company provides them with a unique selection of Specified Disease/Sickness and Accident Plans solutions. USHEALTH’s line of ancillary products helps customers to enhance their protection for critical illness, short-term accident disability income, specified disease/sickness, life insurance, income protector and dental and vision plans.

USHEALTH Group stands out in an environment characterized by high customer turnover and low customer loyalty by creating lasting relationships with their customers. This strategy earns customers’ trust as they constantly deliver on their promises. They utilize their online tools and resources to make informed decisions and explore customers’ choices with regard to drug treatment options and cost, locating providers and analyzing customers’ prescription history plan. Through their savings center, they help their customers to find more ways of saving money by tracking personalized savings, home delivery options, brand vs. generic cost comparison. The corporation goes ahead to suggest the health topics that a client should discuss with his/her doctor.

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Bob Reina On His Mission to Help Others

Since being founded it has been part of Talk Fusion’s mission to help people. The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company, Bob Reina, wanted his company to change people’s lives for the better around the world and serve as a positive example to others.

According to Crunchbase, as part of this culture of giving he has created, Bob Reina has been involved in supporting many charities. Some of the nonprofits that he has donated to are the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, to which he gave $1 million, and another large amount donated to an orphanage in Indonesia.

Recently Bob Reina launched an initiative within Talk Fusion where every employee of the company can donate an account to the charity of their choice. Called the Custom Monthly Plan, this gives the charity access to the entire line-up of services and products that Talk Fusion offers. This includes branding, customization, and all of their video marketing tools. By doing this Reina wants to help nonprofits meet their charitable goals by spreading their message and obtaining funding.

In addition to his charity work through Talk Fusion Reina also donates his personal funds. His biggest passion is animal charity and so he became a member of the Humane Society. He also helped out his local community by finding a dog that was needed by the K-9 unit of the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office.

Bob Reina is a graduate of the University of Florida and a former police officer. He came up with the idea of Talk Fusion when he couldn’t find a way to send video to his mother over the internet. This initial idea has led to a company that offers a full suite of ways for members to send video and interact in real-time with others over the internet around the world.

Kate Hudson Brings Her Style And Celebrity To The Activewear Industry Through Fabletics

The fashion meets fitness sweet spot is called the activewear market. Wearing gym clothes outside of the gym has never looked as good as it does today. Retailers like Nike, H&M, Lululemon, and other big name retailers want a piece of the billion-dollar activewear market. Several celebrities have teamed up with clothing manufacturers and retailers, and they are getting in on this 21st-century goldmine. The 1980s was the decade for aerobics, but the craze disappeared quickly.



Kate Hudson is the face of the online activewear giant, Fabletics. In three short years, Fabletics has managed to build a $250 million company by giving consumers the active lifestyle look they crave. Fabletics gives consumers the look and feel they want at prices that don’t destroy the budget. The company developed a subscription based model when the parent company JustFab decided to go “all in” in the activewear market. JustFab needed a spokesman and someone that represented what Fabletics was trying to sell, so the executives at JustFab approached Kate and asked her if she would help launch the brand. Hudson is not just the face of Fabletics, she is also the person that helps build the looks that the company offers to members.



Being an online company does have its rewards, but there’s a new challenge for online merchants. That challenge is to build brick and mortar stores. Amazon is opening retail locations around the country, and Fabletics is taking Amazon on and opening their own retail locations. Fabletics is changing the typical retail strategy. Fabletics calls it reverse showrooming. That’s a phrase that never crossed the minds of typical retailers. Typical retailers want to sell merchandise in stores, at once. But Fabletics gives consumers the option to buy their merchandise in the store, or they can put it in an online shopping cart and buy it later.



In order to do that successfully, Fabletics has developed a new merchandising model that uses online data to identify customer preferences in a particular store location. Fabletics locations only stock products that have a local appeal. And the concept is working.



Fabletics has 16 stores open in California, Hawaii, Illinois, and Florida. But the plan is to open another 75 to 100 stores within the next five years. The reason for the rapid expansion project is three to five people that walk through the doors of a Fabletics store are subscribing members. And 25 percent of the non-members that visit a store become members while they are shopping.



But Fabletics has something Amazon doesn’t have. Fabletics has its eye on activewear, so the company is focused on that segment of the market. Plus, Fabletics has Kate Hudson, and that is one powerful, living and very active advantage. Fabletics is not out to bash Amazon, but the company is out to show consumers what real service and value is.

The Hunt for A Planner

When you live in a large city, there are amenities and services that are available to you. New York City is one of the largest cities in the world and the number of services available is amazing. Event planners are just one of the services offered in this city.


Twenty Three Layers is just one of the event planning companies in NYC. They are one of the best event planners in NYC and they have the reputation to back it up. Jessica Boskoff is the founder and CEO of her company and she has a long list of satisfied clients ready to tell their stories. The team that has been assembled by Ms. Boskoff has decades of experience and approaches each event with an open mind and an open heart.


Reach out to friends, family and event local businesses to see who others suggest. Also, pay attention to who they do not recommend so you can narrow down your search.


After you have some names of event planners and event planning companies, do some research online. Look over their company websites for pictures of other events they have planned. These pictures will give you a very good idea of what kind of work this company does and what you can expect at your own event. Also look for customer reviews to see what previous clients have had to say.


Once you have done your research, you can begin to reach out to event planners to see who will be the right fit for you and your event. Sit down with them face-to-face to get a feel for them as a person and to get all of your questions answered.


Finding the right event planner can be a struggle but for those in NYC, Twenty Three Layers is always a good choice. They have great attention to detail and will make all of your ideas come to life.

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Texas Government Solutions to Traffic

Recently the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority met to find a response in how to deal with traffic. The Executive Director, Mike Heiligenstein, and others met in order to come up with solutions to the deep traffic problems they are having in the region and foresee in the future. One of the propositions they came up with was to a aerial gondola system through Central Texas that would take passengers over the roads, keeping them off of them. The main focus of the meeting was to find ways to innovatively use technology to change how transportation is used to get around the region.

Mike Heilgenstein believes that the face of transportation is rapidly changing as new technologies are introduced now and in the future. He believes the solution could include smart roads working with smart cars in order to reduce congestion and improve safety. One of the main issues in the area is that most of the growth is in the suburbs which leads to daily heavy congestion caused by people commuting back and forth between their homes in the suburbs and their jobs in the urban area.

Another of the main subject discussed was that land use codes would likely need to be changed as, even though self driving cars will still need parking, for example, the parking structures will be radically different than today due to the vehicles self parking themselves, and the addition of charging stations.

Mr. Heiligenstein has also argued that mobility solutions need to be developed, which sometimes will be additional road capacity but other times another solution needs to be found. He is putting in place, as head of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, variable tolling which is expected to help traffic flow in the region. While he acknowledges that congestion can’t be entirely eliminated it is his belief that it can me mitigated through effective use of technology. Another use of newer technology is partnering with a company in order to create a mobile traffic app that will alert drivers to real-time alternative routes, and a carpooling app in order to get more cars off the road.

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How Does Brian Bonar Promote The Ranch At Bandy Canyon?

The Ranch At Bandy Canyon is the the large event facility that Brian Bonar started to help serve the food he loves the most. This article explains how the Ranch is a beautiful place to eat French food, and Brian has committed a large part of his life to the food he prepared. He wants the world to see food as he does, and he wishes to bring about a new sort of French food that will welcome everyone into the fold.

#1: What Is The Ranch At Bandy Canyon?

The Ranch at Bandy Canyon is a large building that was made especially for hosting events. The kitchen that Brian Bonar has built in the facility helps produce the best food in San Diego, and he wishes to attract anyone who loves a fine party, a lovely wedding and a good meal. There are several different meals that come from the kitchen, and Brian has learned how to prepare many of them on his own.

#2: Partnering With A Fine Chef

There are quite a few meals that may be purchased at the Ranch, and Brian Bonar has partnered with an incredible chef who is helping create a French menu that will make him the talk of the town. He understands that French food is quite whimsical, and he wants to take out the mystery as he serves food to his guests. Those who are eating his food will quite enjoy it, and they will learn how to enjoy a French meal they once thought was stuffy.

#3: Brian’s Food Empire Is Growing

Brian started Bellamy’s in downtown Escondido before anything else, and he created a French diner that attracts people every day. He wanted to help bring back the sleepy cafe that so many people love, and he has proven that a lovely French meal goes quite a long way in helping those who wish to eat better food.

#4: Why Make A Change?

According to White Pages, Brian Bonar started his career in the financial services industry, and he has ensured his transition to the world of food is smooth. He wants to make the food world a more lively place with the infusion of his eateries, and he knows that someone who wishes to enjoy more food will love the way Brian’s restaurants feel.

According to Bloomberg, the passion for food that is exhibited by Brian Bonar is one that must be commended the world over. He is bringing his passion for food to the world around him, and he is gracing San Diego with a new flavor that makes eating fun.

Oncotarget is improving research

Oncotarget is a journal that is posted weekly by peer reviews involving Oncology topics. It is a free place for physicians, students and researchers to go to read about others findings and concerns about medical topics.

The journal was created in 2010 by Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov, who hold the positions of editor-in-chief. The journal is published by Impact Journals.

Oncotarget focuses on such topics as,

• Pathology
• Microbiology
• Immunology
• Autophagy
• Cell Death

The journal is a place where anyone in the medical field can go to learn from others that have had similar experiences when dealing with cancer issues on YouTube. It is like a free study group where anyone can go and get free access to a number of articles.

Some main targets looked at within the journal are things such as,

• Pathological research
• Targets involving cancer and the way the cells attack a body
• Treatments that have benefited patients with the disease
• Therapy that is used and others in the medical field can learn from.

Having a weekly journal like Oncotarget is a huge benefit to the medical field. A medical student can have all the free articles they want to study about the field.
Researchers can post their own findings and maybe even find some new clues to oncology from their peers. Medical staff that specializes in the Oncology field can find treatments and therapy that has been used by others and possibly share it with their own patients.

Oncotarget is a medical journal on that goes over all aspects of oncology and has proven over the test of time that many have found its content useful and helpful in the treatment of their patients and research.

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The US Money Reserve Supports Gold Investment

The US Money Reserve is a large gold coin distributor in the United States supporting gold coin investment among its customers. The coins sold by the exchange are investments with quite a high value, and they are used as investments by wise collectors. There are quite a few styles available through the firm, and there are yet more coins available every year for the avid collector in everyone. This article explains how a customer at US Monet Reserve may become a polished investor using gold coins.


#1: Gold Coins Have A Steady Value


The price of gold around the world fluctuates every day, but it never moves so much that investors lose their cool. Gold has risen steadily for centuries, and it will rise in the future due to an overall trend favoring gold. The standard for many currencies around the world is gold, and gold coins have a value that is easily calculable. US Money Reserve coins carry secondary value due to their design.


#2: Trading Or Collecting Gold Coins


Trading and collecting gold coins is an art and science best left to proud investors. Someone who wishes to collect and display their coins at home may purchase quite a few, and the collection becomes their future retirement account. The coins have a value that will rise, and the return on investment is found the day the coins are sold. Certain collections are passed down to future generations, or they are stored for safe-keeping.


#3: How Does The US Money Reserve Sell Their Coins?


The online catalog from US Money Reserve is available on their site at any time, and the coins may be purchased when customers are able. They may purchase when they believe prices are at their best, and purchases are shipped though a secure shipping method at the time of every order.

They create coins with beautiful styles that are unlike any other, and their business commits quite a lot of time to helping customers become seasoned investors. Gold coins feel more secure than stocks or bonds, and the finest investors stash away a few coins that may serve as cash options in the future.

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IoT Contributions in Making Our Homes a Safe Haven

Internet of Things (IoT) is a collection of internet-connected objects with sensors that allow collection and exchange of data. Some operating platforms like Gooee have introduced IoT lighting thus providing a different way of operating brands using the touch and sound component. The advancement is a major improvement to the traditional visual graphic interactions and designs using a screen. Therefore, consumers will have the ability to communicate in different ways other than the visual design by adopting the various IoT devices in the market.


IoT Devices


An IoT device is an internet connected equipment that allows a user to collect data from remote location. The use of the IoT smart home devices has increased to 93 million in 2015. The various IoT smart home appliances available in the market include the washers, dryers, thermostats, and refrigerators among others.


IoT smart lighting


IoT smart lighting has proven to be the most efficient product in providing services due to the reduced cost and energy saving properties. Some companies use some IoT LED bulbs from brands like Phillips to communicate with their customers in their stores. The smart bulbs available in the market include the Lifx Color 1000 that can change color and the Phillips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit. Every device from Gooee is highly secure since it contains a unique ID that allows the users to control and sense their individual data.

Magnises Opens Social Frontiers and Discounts

In 2014, Billy McFarland came up with a brilliant idea for targeting millennial consumers. The Magnises card was the central part of the plan and it is a card that takes the old “members discount network” concept preferred by older consumers and makes the marketing strategy a bit more hip. Anyone interested in attended the hottest of special events or getting great deals — exclusive deals — on hotels and dining may wish to think about signing up with Magnises. Sports fans can get great seats, travelers can procure outstanding rooms, and people wishing to meet new persons to add to social circles can take advantage of, well, too many things to list.

Going out on the town in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. can be an extremely exciting adventure on on Crunchbase. Not everyone is able to take full advantage of the night and day activities to the degree they wish for a simple reason. They just do not have the funds. Yes, things can be expensive at all the “in” places. Rather, they are expensive when the patron is required to pay full price. With the right savings and discount clubs, even rare and exclusive endeavors could come with deep discounts.

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Recently, Magnises was given cheers for making it easier for members to attend UFC 205. The UFC events are red-hot popular and procuring tickets is not all that easy. The social media pages for Magnises have revealed just how thrilled members are about the card’s ability to make seeing UFC 205 possible. And the event was a great one for mixed martial arts fight history.

Paying for things won’t be much of a fight though. The card can be connected with credit and debit cards. Instead of fumbling for different cards to make payments and procure discounts, all can be rolled into one. Convenience is then deemed another huge positive benefit to becoming a member.

One of the more interesting features of Magnises is the concierge feature. By tapping on a smartphone, a club member can get assistance from Magnises in a number of ways. This further enhances the smooth nature of using the Magnises card.

The Magnises experience is sure to be a memorable one. The card really does expand social options tremendously — and inexpensively.

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