Month: March 2017

Squaw Valley Releases Report on November 30 Concerning Water Quality on the Upper Mountain

Squaw Valley Ski Resort is the site of the 1964 Winter Olympics, and Andy Wirth is now CEO and president of Squaw Valley Holdings. In November 2016, Squaw Valley reported to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health that E. coli and coliform bacteria had been detected in the upper mountain’s drinking water. Management immediately closed the restaurants on the mountain until further investigation occurred.


When Andy Wirth contacted the health department, he also contacted two water system specialists in order to have second opinions on what happened, and how to restore the system. They found three out of the four of the upper mountain wells still showed low levels of coliform and E. coli. Some of the treatment had been started, and there was an improvement.


Squaw Valley is providing bottled water for all the visitors and skiers until the entire issue has been resolved. Because of this precaution, no health issues have been reported, and skiing is permitted throughout the resort. Squaw Valley is dedicated to providing the utmost safety at the Olympic Valley resort.


On November 30, the PR Director for Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows Resorts released the following statement about what happened concerning the water system in the upper mountains.


At Squaw Valley, the unusually high amount of water inundated the water systems at High Camp and Gold Coast, which had been upgraded during the summer.


The result was contamination of those systems, and the problem was completely confined to them with none of the other resort’s water systems affected. During routine testing, this issue was discovered and Squaw Valley immediately contacted the health department. Because of this isolation, no one was exposed to the contaminated water.


The safety experts have been working to bring the levels back to normal, and until then, restaurants will remain closed and bottled water will continue to be distributed throughout the property.

Squaw Valley issues statement on upper mountain water quality




A Preview Of The Life Of Antony Petrello.

At a young age, Antony Petrello was gifted in mathematics. He made a name for himself as a result of his prowess in this sector. He joined Yale University where he studied mathematics. He earned himself both a bachelors and masters degree. Later on, Antony completed his doctorate from Harvard Law School.

Due to his competence in numbers, and his acquired law degree, Antony started working on taxation, corporate law and also international attribution at Baker & McKenzie law firm. From 1986 to 1991, he was the managing partner of this law firm. Later, he was elected to sit as a member of the board and also the executive committee of Nabors.

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At present, he serves and the chief executive officer and president, a position he has held from the year 2011. He also is the board chairperson as from July 2012. Tony Petrello has an essential role in Nabors since he offers the company the vision and tactical planning. He aims at ensuring success for the company now and in the future. In the year 2015, as a result of his efforts, Antony was given a total of $ 27,512,939 as compensation.

Lloyd Grove is his long time college friend and has much to say about him. They were roommates in college. Lloyd described Antony Petrello as an extrovert and a mathematics whiz.

Antony is married to Cynthia Petrello. Together they have an eight-year-old daughter called Cerena. She was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) a neurological disease that is common in babies born early as a result of lacking oxygen or blood flow to the brain. Cerena was born at 24 weeks and has had many development issues. She has impacted the lives of her parents significantly.

Waiakea Water is a very Special Brand

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is a very special brand of commercial water beverage. This water drink has been around since 2012 and it is now a dominate force in the beverage industry. The Waiakea brand is sold in 30 states including Hawaii, California, Idaho and in New York.

Waiakea is such a great tasting and healthy water drink that millions of people all over American regularly consume this tasty beverage. Since its inception, the Waiakea water brand has grown by 4000%. Many companies do not enjoy this kind of success within four years.

In 2017, a lot of beverage industry insiders have given accolades to Waiakea water as the best water brand in the business. This natural tasting beverage is made from volcanic water that filters off the side of a real volcano in Hawaii. The water is collected, processed, packaged and then shipped out to the world. People everywhere love its great taste.

The company’s CEO, Ryan Emmons, co-founded this organization back in 2012 when he was just a 17-year-old high school student. He knew about the water from the volcano and had an idea to manufacture it to the world. His idea proved to be a solid one and it paid off huge dividends.

The success of Waiakea water in 2017 is phenomenal. This company generates millions in profits and is now ready to expand into overseas markets.

Every time this organization sells a certain amount of water it gives it back to people who are deprived of water in Africa. They also partner with Pump Aid to provide this service.

Waiakea springs also uses sustainable practices within their business recycled and environmentally friendly packaging and processes is how Waiakea creates their beverages. They want to ensure that they are not harming the environment while profiting as a successful business.

Afterall, they are dependent on a fresh, clean and healthy environment to create the best products possible.

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Lori Senecal Has The Experience To Create Harmony Within The Workplace.

Ms. Lori Senecal is a technically skilled Global CEO of CP+B. Ms. Senecal furthermore has plenty of capability from her time spent as the past Global Executive Chair while managing at the notable firm, KBS. Lori is in charge of managing the act of shoring up MDC’s extraordinary procedures. She labors eagerly with the MDC connected sections as an outstanding authority, with the goal of using constructive energy and spawning communal resolutions. Lori is greatly admired for collaborating with workers to raise their productivity using unified objectives. Lori’s capability, to make the most of a department’s permanent approaches and fortitude to progress, was Lori’s duty at KBS.

Lori Senecal influences the trends to meet a valid purpose for operating and produce an point of view to advance past embellishing terms, such as “innovation” and in its place, encourages authentic achievement. Her methods of operation are crucial for highlighting KBS as the necessary brand that society demands. Lori’s openness produces reliable productivity to manufacture robust, successful contests for branding names. While she was in league with KBS, Lori directed the agency by educating staff on the use of existing technology, how to take advantage of funding and correct control of content advancement.

Lori Senecal propels her staff to form their own occupational direction. She has aided and sanctioned directions that were refined by her staff, produce challenges with allied divisions, with the hope of producing inventiveness. KBS grew from a 250 staffed agency, to well over 800 workers on a worldwide platform, from Lori’s experienced guidance. The group is one of the respected agencies to work at in NYC. For three consistent years, the firm made it to the Ad Age’s account of Standout Corporations. KBS has an abundant range of backing, reports Fast Company, from American Express to Vanguard, to know a few of the established blue-chip firms.

She recently spoke at the 3% Conference.

Ms. Lori Senecal understands that humanity has the power to sanction changes in the industry for the betterment of all people. Lori labors hard to help prop up the population with the hope to encourage one another to labor towards a common goal.