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Founded in 2010, Brown Agency is a commercial and modeling talent agency in Austin, Texas. It is part of the renowned Brown Agency family and it is headed by President Justin Brown. They also have offices in Dallas and a presence in Los Angeles.


Wilhelmina Austin first acquired Heyman Talent-South and the two merged only to be re-launched as The Brown Agency. The agency thus prides itself in being the only full-service agency in Austin and among the few in Texas.


With the merging of the two strong companies, Brown Agency has grown rapidly to be among the leading in the market and their aim is to take Austin to another level. They offer professional and dependable modeling services making them get exceptional opportunities to work with some of the world’s leading brands such as; Toyota, Del, Louis Vuitton, Loreal amongst other leading companies. Their models, therefore, are exposed to a wide range of market giving them a good chance to showcase their talents to the entire world.


Their models take part in most of the major fashion activities like the Austin fashion week, Miami Swim Week and also New York Fashion Week. These models are picked selectively to ensure they pick the best to enable them to provide quality services and also heed to the market demands.

Besides being conspicuous in runways, Brown Agency’s models and actors also play part in commercials, voice over’s, showcasing fashion, trade shows, catalogs, corporate event, television and also films.


Brown Modeling Agency seeks to nurture talent and get the best of the best to be part of their team. As such, every Thursday between 3-4pm, they conduct an open call at Congress Avenue Suite 100. All that aspiring models are expected to come with is their resume and some their photographs that needn’t be professional. For them that cannot manage to physically present their documents, there is an online submission platform.


They continuously appreciate the efforts made by their models and also keep on giving hope to those aspiring to be future models. They not only publish I inspiring modeling stories but also encourage people to find their right fit in modeling since anyone can fit somewhere in the industry regardless of their physique. For instance, they have a place for short and also plus size women. This is a category which many believe cannot fit in modeling. They encourage people who are unsure to submit their details to clear the doubt and could hopefully be the right people for a certain project.


The CEO of the company is also an inspiration to the models since he worked at a modeling agency when he was in college.





Talos Energy as a Part of a Historic Gas and Oil Project in Mexico

Talos Energy LLC has been in business for a multitude of decades, and so far it has achieved great success as the company was one the three participants in an oil well drilling project in Mexico.

The company of Talos Energy LLC is an independent business working in the industry of gas and oil. The company has a strong focus on offshore exploration and production. It has also been directed a lot of its focus towards acquiring new deepwater assets on Mexican territories such as the Gulf Mexico. Talos Energy LLC utilizes seismic technologies for their exploration and exploitation. The company has a record of staying on top of the latest advancement in technology in their line of work.

Talos Energy LLC has a lot of success in 2012. The company created two business and sold both of them. The companies are called Gryphon Exploration Co., and Phoenix Exploration Co. Both of the companies were located in the Gulf of Mexico working in oil and gas. The companies made significant returns to the equity investors of the Talos Energy LLC.

A few months ago, Talos Energy LLC became a part of a highly significant project for the oil and gas industry. As is already known, Mexico has a monopoly over their gas and oil industry. Foreign businesses have not been allowed to dabble in the industry for more than 80 years. Together with two other businesses, the Texan company of Talos Energy LLC is a partnership with a UK company called Premier OIL PLC and a native Mexican company under the name of Sierra Oil and Gas. The three businesses will have the honor to work on the first project of oil well drilling in Mexico which has not been done by foreign businesses in about eight decades.

Talos Energy LLC is the owner of 35% of the stakes. The company comes second after the native business of Sierra Oil and Gas which owns 40%. That leaves 25% of stakes for the UK company of Premier Oil PLC. The project got the name Zama- 1, and it will be completed in only three months since its start in May 2017.

Can New Oil Ventures by Talos Energy Lower Airfare?

Matt Lacey can ruin Futurama forever for you, too

No one really thinks of Math professors as having a sense of humor. Math professors dispute this vociferously, they even have a number of calculations to prove it. Unlike many of their students, they happen to think math is an exciting field to which a person should consider devoting his or her life.

Michael Lacey, a mathematician working at Georgia Tech feels this way. He also dispels the notions of math teachers lacking a sense of humor. Anyone can find this out by clicking on his personal profile on the Georgia Tech website.

A reader can find various comments under the teaching link, including this one: “This dude lectured at the University of Arkansas (it was about Futurama) and I can tell from that alone that he is completely worthless at interacting with human beings at all.

Michael also ruined all new Futurama episodes for me. It was the WORST lecture I’ve ever attended. Literally laughably horrible.”

Whine any Futurama fan knows how horrible it can be to have all future episodes of the show ruined for them, most people, mathematicians included, realized that Mat Groening did not intend to portray real mathematics. He just wanted to produce a nerdy show about an unintelligent person from the 20th century who gets frozen in time.

Basically, Phillip Fry is a Buck Rogers character without any marketable skills. Georgia Tech students also understand that Lacey’s courses are designed to challenge the students, and many of them appreciate.

Lacey does more than just teach. Like many other college professors, he is under a publish or perish mandate. A visitor to his Georgia Tech profile with a background in mathematics can read all of the papers he links to there.

He may even respond to question about how he ruined Futurama for someone, but not everyone appreciates being questioned in that manner.

Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Work Together to Bring Hope to Cancer Patients

Close to half of the population in the United States is touched by some form of a cancer diagnosis. This counts for patients suffering from cancer themselves, knowing someone who has cancer or a patient who has had cancer. Currently the statistics showcase that close to 14.5 million people are affected by cancer while by the year 2024, there is estimated to be close to 20 million individuals with cancer and learn more about Eric.


Tempus co-founder Eric Lefkofsky experienced his own personal scare in regards to cancer. His wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and he learned how difficult it was to receive the right diagnosis, treatment options or even results. Before Tempus, medical records were not kept up to date in real time. Since the start of Tempus, more patients are able to get the right treatment thanks to the constant updating of patients medical records and more information click here.


One of the key elements that Tempus has helped with is the human genome sequencing. With each stride in cancer research, the focus is on helping to break down the cancer gene and to find a way to fight cancer. Human genes are actually helping to find a way to fight cancer. The work that is making headway thanks to Tempus and Eric Lefkofsky is helping thousands of people have a better chance at living longer lives. Before Tempus, it took a number of phone calls and doctor visits to be able to get the same answers that you can now get with the up to date patient records. Before this, doctors would have to transcribe and then wait for the records to be entered before someone else was able to see the updated records. Now, Tempus made it so doctors have it easier and patients can get real results quicker because now their records are easily accessible and Eric’s lacrosse camp.


Eric Lefkofsky grew up in Michigan however he spent much of his adulthood in the Chicago area. He was born in 1969 to a mother who was a school teacher and a father who was an engineer. He was a native to Southfield, Michigan before going off to college at the University of Michigan. He went on to attend law school however never actually went into the law field. Instead, Eric grew into a well known entrepreneur.


Scott Rocklage: An Innovative Leader & Contributor in the Pharmaceutical Industry!

If there’s one thing Scott Rocklage knows it’s the healthcare industry. Dr. Rocklage has been in the pharmaceutical field for well over thirty years and has served as CEO of many big name companies. He has also enrolled several medications into clinical trial programs resulting in the FDA approval of three of them.

Dr. Rocklage has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree and PHD in Chemistry and has acquired over thirty patents for inventions he has created. He has an extensive scientific acumen through the vast experience he has amassed in the life sciences trade. The following is a list of some of the companies and affiliations he has served over the years.


  • Chairman and Chief Executive of Cubist Pharmaceuticals
  • Executive Chairman of Ilypsa
  • CEO and President of Nycomed
  • Board of Associates at the Whitehead institute
  • Director at Rennovia
  • Board of Chairman at Cidara
  • Chief Executive Officer at EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals

Other Affiliations

  • VBI Vaccines Inc.
  • SciVac Therapeutics Inc.
  • Miikana Therapeutics Inc.
  • Achaogen, Inc.

In 2004, Dr. Rocklage became the Managing Partner at 5AM Venture Management Company LLC in Boston, Massachusetts. 5AM Ventures is a leading investment company centered on cutting-edge life science technology and information. Read more: Scott Racklage | Bloomberg and Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

They provide capital support to medical establishments that are searching for health care cures through pharmaceuticals and scientific breakthroughs. 5AM Ventures acts as a virtual think tank to find innovative ways to identify, preclude, treat or cure a vast array of medical maladies and conditions.

Dr. Rocklage brings to the table great expertise and experience in the legal, financial, therapeutic and managing aspects in the industry.

Dr. Rocklage implements a hands-on approach when establishing life science companies by providing counsel, direction and operational strategy for maximizing shareholder worth and return investment. They use non-equity capital and this affords increased monetary return and quicker return times.

5AM Ventures typically sees lucrative capital gains within three to five years as they build strategic partnerships with mega life science businesses and acquire money from varied government agencies. They’ve had a positive impact in the bio-pharmaceutical capital industry.

Jose Borghi: Award-Winning Brazilian Advertising Expert

Mullen Lowe Brazil ad agency president and CEO José Borghi is one of the Brazilian advertising industry’s most creative minds. He is also responsible for some of the advertising industry’s most beloved and effective ads. A graduate of Brazil’s Pontifical Catholic University, Jose Borghi earned a BA in Publicity and Advertising. He’s known since he was in high school that he wanted a career in advertising. He had gotten hooked on the industry after a trip to the local theatre with his sister where he saw the Lion Canne awards for best ads. After that he was passionate about creating powerful, meaningful, creative ads.


Among the Brazilian advertising world’s most prominent people, Jose Borghi began his advertising career with Standard Ogilvy in 1989. Working with Standard Ogilvy gave Borghi a great deal of experience and exposure creating ads for many international brands. That experience helped to put him on a career arc that led to greatness. After leaving Standard Ogilvy, Borghi held positions and worked on ad campaigns for Talent, FCB and DM9/DDB.


While at DM9/DDB, Jose Borghi collaborated with Erh Ray to create award winning advertising campaigns that were among the most successful in the international advertising industry. The campaigns were for companies like Microsoft, Parmalat, Mamiferos, Volvo, Electrolux, Honda, Michelin, Philips, Itau, Valisere, Jornal da Tarde, Universo Online, Antarctica, Calinhos, and many others. Borghi joined Brazilian advertising company Leo Burnett as creative director in 1999. In 2001 he became president of the ad agency. While there, Borghi created very successful advertising campaigns for Fiat, Frescarini and BankBoston. Borghi’s work helped the company become the Brazilian advertising market leader for the first time and learn more about Borghi.


After leaving Leo Burnett, Borghi created his own ad agency. In December 2002, Jose Borghi joined with Erh Ray to form a Brazilian ad agency called BorghiErh® Creative Intelligence. Four years later BorghiErh merged with Sao Paulo, Brazil based ad agency Mullen Lowe to create Mullen Lowe Brazil. During his career Jose Borghi has won numerous awards. They include 10 Clio Awards, 13 Cannes Film Festival awards, 11 New York Film Festival awards, 7 London Film Festival awards, 10 One Show awards and 15 Abril awards, among Brazil’s most important and respected advertising awards programs and more information click here.


Jose Borghi has created amazing ads for numerous Fortune 500 companies and major brands like Unilever, Mitsubishi, Sazon, Ox Cosmetics and others. His work is innovative, creative and very effective and Jose’s Website.

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