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The civil rights foundation started by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

A human rights group is an organization in society that plays the important role of fighting and continuously advocating for the rights of all members of that society especially the most vulnerable or those most likely to be persecuted for one reason or another.

Every society needs its human rights advocates who keep true to that calling and always keep those in power in check reminding them that the society is watching and ready to take all legal avenues when the right of one of its members are infringed upon or violated.

Various groups have been formed and they continue working towards a fairer and better society we can look at them below. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

National Immigration Law Center

This is a center that is defined by its work for the rights of low-income immigrants this are some of the most gullible people among society as they may not be in a position to get any legal representation even when its critical to their well being and development.

They have worked towards the representation of the group through various means that include but not limited to impact legislation, policy analysis and advocacy this have welded successful results and they have been able to add communications and education programs to their work which has helped in the empowerment of migrants.

The ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project

This is a group that is dedicated to the defense and expansion of the civil liberties of immigrants. They also fight for the expansion of the civil rights of all migrants in the country having been in existence for the last 25 years they have had a lot of experience in all the areas and aspects that they take on. Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey have employed some of the following methods such as advocacy, targeted impact litigation, and public outreach.

They also fight against the discrimination of any form against migrants in both the public and the private sector. Mike and Lacey have challenged laws that have been known to treat immigrant’s different and achieved success in the same. They also fight against the mandatory detention of especially illegal immigrants some that are detained as entire families including kids.

The Frontera Fund foundation

This is a foundation that was started mainly to fight for the rights of the Hispanic community after a nasty experience by two journalists by the names of Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin in the hands of the county’s sheriff. The infringement of their first amendment rights led to them being awarded three million in damage that they used to start the fund.

The foundation has been in a position to fight for the rights of this community within the county and the state at large by working together with other advocacy groups. Their work has been especially essential within the Mexican border which has the highest number of immigrants.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Jim Larkin

Sawyer Howitt And His Advise To Young Entrepreneurs

If you’re entertaining the idea of becoming an entrepreneur, you’re encouraged to do your due diligence, and perhaps seek the advice of someone who has already found success in this endeavor.

Sawyer Howitt is a prime example; if you’re unfamiliar with Sawyer Howitt, he is David Howitt’s son. David Howitt is the Founder and CEO of Meriwether Group, a premier business acceleration firm that provides invaluable resources to entrepreneurs. What is a business acceleration firm exactly? These are businesses that provide guidance, advice, and support for business startups.

Although still in his teens, Sawyer Howitt is the project manager for the Meriwether Group; in this role, Howitt oversees projects that impact how commerce will work in the future, and more importantly, how business development will adapt to technology. Granted, this a tremendous role for a teenager, but under his father’s tutelage, Howitt is more than capable of handling these tasks; he has worked with Meriwether clients, as well as classmates at his school. Yes, school, Sawyer is a 17-year-old student with an affinity for the business world. In an article published at, Howitt points to 5 tenets for success as a young entrepreneur:

• The power of networking
• Surrounding yourself with the right people
• Self-confidence
• Avoid procrastinating
• Embrace being a young entrepreneur

Read more: Sawyer Howitt is Making Portland Proud

Howitt believes that young entrepreneurs are very adept at harnessing new technology and using it as a resource to build a foundation for success; by networking and aligning yourself with the right people, opportunities will ultimately present themselves. Additionally, Sawyer believes that surrounding yourself with knowledgeable people can create learning opportunities, in any stage of business. Sawyer is also a proponent of self-confidence, he believes that being self-assured is key when it comes to being taken seriously as a young entrepreneur.

Sawyer Howitt believes that youth shouldn’t discourage young entrepreneurs from entering the business arena; instead, youth should be seen as the prime time to take calculated risks as you try to create success for yourself, and prospective employees. Lastly, Howitt believes that procrastination is your biggest nemesis; he believes that not capitalizing on opportunities represents a disservice to yourself.

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Tobias Jaeger’s journey as a young entrepreneur

Tobias Jaegar has been a businessman since his days in college. His first company was known as Business Associates Europe which he founded in 2007. The company was delivering consulting services to corporations. The company did this by bringing together consultants and university students to leading companies in and out of Netherlands.


After finishing his first degree, Tobias started his egaming industry where he partnered with a poker player to start teaching the casual poker players on how they can competitively generate their own income.


Tobias started entrepreneur academy in Europe where he became the MD. The entrepreneurial academy provided personal empowerment to entrepreneurs in Europe and Middle East. This is one of the assignments he endeavors in doing them.


In the beginning of 2012, Tobias transferred his skills so that he now dealt with the entertainment industry. He became a member of the Swiss Initiative where he joined the ‘thought for food’. They developed a documentary o how to reshape the food industry. This documentary has been used by many investors globally. The documentary is used to support thought for food initiative together with those taking part in it.


Food for thought drive led Tobias to participating in AXIOM pictures, which was the first entertainment equity in Europe. He has been leading media entrepreneurs and innovators. This initiative was meant to connect entertainments and the financial world. Tobias is currently the Managing Director of AXIOM. He also runs M&A advisory which is the corporate financial arm of AXIOM. They specialize in helping media and the entertainment entrepreneurs to find the right investors. Here, they accomplish their work by focusing on a single project or single product strategies.


In 2006, Tobias had a service with the Armed Forces of German. It is during this time that he co-founded the Support German Troops which is a non-political initiative. It creates awareness to support the German troops.


Tobias Jaegar has traveled the world and networked with many people. The number of countries in which he has lived and worked are 43. He has been to four continents. Tobias is an expert in running companies in the entertainment sector and also shaping the global entertainment business. Tobias acknowledges that he loves his job. He put his program so that he focuses on activities that have a high priority.


To keep healthy, he eats healthy snacks and a light lunch. He adores exercise and nutrition.


Visit to learn more.

How the Frontera Fund is Promoting Justice and Freedom of Expression

The Frontera Fund is one of the most significant contributors to a just society in Arizona. They were created by the two entrepreneurs and investigators Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, which were previously the founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media.

The Frontera Fund was created to be a funding institution that gives support to many lawyers and attorneys around Arizona, as well as the territory of the United States.

The founders Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are moved by a sense of justice and that they want to help new professionals in the area. With the aid of these two businessmen, many attorneys that advocate for civil and human rights are able to have their own individual group because of the funding support that the Frontera Fund gave to them at the beginning.

This same scenario has repeated itself countless times. The two founders have a settlement money of $3.75 million that they use to support these attorneys. The settlement support is a result from a very unfortunate event, but that was also vital to the revolution that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin caused in the territory of Arizona. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook

Before the foundation of the Frontera Fund, the duo was arrested in the October of 2007 because of a misunderstanding with the Sheriff of the Maricopa County: Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Being detained without major reasons and without proof that the duo did anything wrong, Michael and Jim were able to turn the table and use the settlement money from their arrest to fund entrepreneurs and attorneys around the United States and prevent unjustifiable abuses of justice like the one they suffered from ever happening again.

The Frontera Fund has been recognized by many authorities on the subject. Attorneys that advocate for civil, human and migrants’ rights have been able to focus on their jobs while the administration part and financial strategy was made much easier thanks to the help of the duo. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

 Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are always sharing new information about news regarding migrants in the United States, about the current political state of the country, about different occurrences that show freedom of expression; or the lack of it.

Both entrepreneurs are big supporters of freedom of speech and expression, and they are continuously trying to fight against preconception and prejudice, racism, and biased aggressiveness. Many lawyers and attorneys have shared their opinions on how the duo has changed their professions.

Aloha construction Company

Aloha construction is the most known local company in Illinois and southern Wisconsin. The company is the leading company when it comes to building. The firm had quality and experienced supervisors inspectors, managers, and the entire office staff. The company has been changing over the year from small construction business into an industry that is significant and leading. They have achieved many objectives. Today, Aloha construction is known to have good public image and reputation, for its integrity, safety, and proper construction work. If your home has some destruction and you require some repair, or you want to adjust your current look, Aloha firm will give the best service ever. Aloha Construction Company provides the following services.



Does your home require a new roof? There some of the factors that may contribute to the need of roofing your home. For instance, when the wind blows with a lot of speed, the damage or destruction of the roof may occur. When you are in that situation, think of Aloha Construction Company to replace your roof. The company will handle your case in a professional, knowledgeable and friendly way and learn more about Aloha Construction.


Siding service

The work of either repairing, replacing or installing siding of your home can be a big challenging activity. The company has done hundreds remodels of bathroom and kitchen. Therefore Aloha Company is competent on that field. Therefore the company can deal well the siding project, ensuring the safety of your from severe weather and Aloha’s lacrosse cmap.


Gutter system

Ensuring good condition of water channel at your within and away from your home is a good step in protecting your homestead. Aloha company will ensurethe channel of water at your home is the best. They will install the gutter system that will serve you for long. Their work is just smart and


Aloha Construction Inc has an objective of maintaining the good reputation, by providing their services with a lot of integrity and professionalism. The relationship between the company and the suppliers, sub-contractors, and clients is excellent. If you need one of above services, contact Aloha Construction Company, and they will meet your needs and

Daniel Taub Balancing Between the Past and the Future

Daniel Taub is proud of his Jewish heritage. The British born diplomat gave up his British citizenship to serve his country as Ambassador to the U.K from 2011 to 2015. During the introduction ceremony, the Queen asked Daniel his view on being a representative of a country he immigrated from years back.

Daniel replied that nothing would give him more pleasure than creating closer relations between the UK and Israel, a country with vast opportunities and hope.

Four years after appointment, Daniel Taub is confident that he achieved his promise to the Queen. In support of his claims, some records show he could be the most famous and accomplished Israeli envoy since the late Shlomo Argov.

Trade activities between the two countries doubled during his tenure. According to the Secretary of State Business, Innovation and Skills of Britain, Sajid Javid trade relations between the two nations soared entering a golden era.

The Israel- Britain Chamber of commerce lists up to 300 Israeli businesses in the UK and $5.5 billion in annual bilateral trade. Also, the academic and cultural links between Israel and UK strengthened between 2011 and 2015.

A short funny YouTube clip of Foregin secretary Boris johsnon and me that got a lot of hits

For Daniel, his primary role was to help others understand more about the Israeli people and the leadership. The former MP of Bradford, George Galloway openly discriminated against the Israeli community by declaring the city an Israeli-free area. Israeli residents in the city invited Daniel Taub to the area.

Daniel highlighted the diversity in the area stating that the Middle East region could use a similar model that allows people from different backgrounds and faiths to co-operate, work and live together. According to Daniel, the conflict in the Middle East is between the future and the past. So, rather than using the past, efforts should be channeled towards unifying people.

Daniel is also a strict Orthodox Jew. He wore the signature Kippah in his first encounter with the queen. Living as an Orthodox in London has not been challenging. In fact, he believes that faith should be a tool for building bridges in life.

Daniel Taub holds a BA, MPA and Masters in law from University College, Oxford, Havard University and University College in London. He relocated to Israel in 1989 and served as a reserve officer and combat medic in the Israeli Defense Forces. From 1991 he joined the Israeli Foreign Ministry and held various diplomatic and legal positions.

Currently, Daniel is the Director of Strategy and Planning of the Yad Hanadiv Foundations. He is a published writer and has contributed material for the Guardian, Huffington Post, the Daily Telegraph, and The Times.

4 Investing Tips by Igor Cornelsen

Venturing in investment is not one of the easiest paths one can choose. It is filled with risks. It can also prove impossible if you are not sure of what you are doing. However, if you familiarize yourself with the rules of investing, you can turn investment into a great opportunity giving you chunks of money. Below are investment tips from Igor Cornelsen, one of Brazil’s most successful investor.

  1. Never Lose Money

Investment is a risk and every opportunity, no matter how good it sounds, has some risks involved. However, this doesn’t mean you should fear to invest. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen: and

Instead, you should evaluate every opportunity and discover all the possible risks. In case you invest and start losing money, then you should withdraw from the investment as soon as possible to avoid larger losses.

  1. Never Waste Time

Time is very crucial in most investment opportunities and should not be wasted. If you want maximum returns for your money, then you should start investing as soon as possible. As long as you have the money, never worry that you are too young to start investing.

  1. Be Diversified

One way investors minimize risks is by distributing their money across different opportunities. Since you never know which opportunity will have greater returns, consider putting some of your money in more than one risky venture.

  1. Make Use of Expert Advice

Before you embark on investing your money, Igor Cornelsen advises that you seek insight from experts. This gives you a point to start off and also feeds you with the know-how of what to expect. Once you familiarize with the market, then you can start diversifying depending on the available opportunities.

About Igor Cornelsen

Before retiring from the corporate world, Igor worked with several banks in Brazil, holding senior positions. His unmatched leadership skills made him become one of the most respected investors in the country. Today, Igor is the person to go to if you are looking for professional business advice.

Read more:

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On Environmental Law in Brazil and Attorney Ricardo Tosto

Brazil is a naturally beautiful country, it is known for its verdant landscapes and diverse population which includes people who are descendents of African slaves that were brought to South America, people who are part of the various indigenous communities that live in Brazil’s many rainforests and people who are descended from the Europeans that colonized parts of South America. Brazil is also home to many ecosystems that are not only stunning to behold but also incredibly bio diverse. Its rainforest includes animals like anacondas and jaguars and more information click here.


Brazil is also known for having many natural resources. Some of these natural resources include oil and the South American nation’s beautiful rainforests which help to produce much of the world’s oxygen. Because of its resources Brazil attracts many companies that are in the extractive industry and this means there is a need for environmental laws and regulations that govern how environmental resources in Brazil can be used and his Website.


Brazilian law is varied and sometimes contradictory as many legal systems are but despite that Brazilian lawyer Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has managed to master the difficult profession. One of the hallmarks of the legal profession is having to sort through details. This is why it is seen as the perfect profession for people with an aptitude for speaking, reading and writing because it requires its practitioners to read legal documentation closely to ensure that the law is being applied correctly and to ensure that they prepare their clients to receive the best possible outcome in the cases that they are involved in. After all it has been said that a single word can change the entire meaning of legal contract and learn more about Ricardo.


Having a knack for an attention for detail is part of what has helped Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho to become one of the best lawyers in Brazil. Through his skill and scrappiness he built the legal practice that he founded with two other colleagues into one of the most sought-after law firms in his country. Today he spends his time sitting on a wide number of boards and advising clients on a number of fraught legal issues including the area of environmental law. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an example of what it means to focus on being your best and rising to the top of your field as a result and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.



Founded in 2010, Brown Agency is a commercial and modeling talent agency in Austin, Texas. It is part of the renowned Brown Agency family and it is headed by President Justin Brown. They also have offices in Dallas and a presence in Los Angeles.


Wilhelmina Austin first acquired Heyman Talent-South and the two merged only to be re-launched as The Brown Agency. The agency thus prides itself in being the only full-service agency in Austin and among the few in Texas.


With the merging of the two strong companies, Brown Agency has grown rapidly to be among the leading in the market and their aim is to take Austin to another level. They offer professional and dependable modeling services making them get exceptional opportunities to work with some of the world’s leading brands such as; Toyota, Del, Louis Vuitton, Loreal amongst other leading companies. Their models, therefore, are exposed to a wide range of market giving them a good chance to showcase their talents to the entire world.


Their models take part in most of the major fashion activities like the Austin fashion week, Miami Swim Week and also New York Fashion Week. These models are picked selectively to ensure they pick the best to enable them to provide quality services and also heed to the market demands.

Besides being conspicuous in runways, Brown Agency’s models and actors also play part in commercials, voice over’s, showcasing fashion, trade shows, catalogs, corporate event, television and also films.


Brown Modeling Agency seeks to nurture talent and get the best of the best to be part of their team. As such, every Thursday between 3-4pm, they conduct an open call at Congress Avenue Suite 100. All that aspiring models are expected to come with is their resume and some their photographs that needn’t be professional. For them that cannot manage to physically present their documents, there is an online submission platform.


They continuously appreciate the efforts made by their models and also keep on giving hope to those aspiring to be future models. They not only publish I inspiring modeling stories but also encourage people to find their right fit in modeling since anyone can fit somewhere in the industry regardless of their physique. For instance, they have a place for short and also plus size women. This is a category which many believe cannot fit in modeling. They encourage people who are unsure to submit their details to clear the doubt and could hopefully be the right people for a certain project.


The CEO of the company is also an inspiration to the models since he worked at a modeling agency when he was in college.





Talos Energy as a Part of a Historic Gas and Oil Project in Mexico

Talos Energy LLC has been in business for a multitude of decades, and so far it has achieved great success as the company was one the three participants in an oil well drilling project in Mexico.

The company of Talos Energy LLC is an independent business working in the industry of gas and oil. The company has a strong focus on offshore exploration and production. It has also been directed a lot of its focus towards acquiring new deepwater assets on Mexican territories such as the Gulf Mexico. Talos Energy LLC utilizes seismic technologies for their exploration and exploitation. The company has a record of staying on top of the latest advancement in technology in their line of work.

Talos Energy LLC has a lot of success in 2012. The company created two business and sold both of them. The companies are called Gryphon Exploration Co., and Phoenix Exploration Co. Both of the companies were located in the Gulf of Mexico working in oil and gas. The companies made significant returns to the equity investors of the Talos Energy LLC.

A few months ago, Talos Energy LLC became a part of a highly significant project for the oil and gas industry. As is already known, Mexico has a monopoly over their gas and oil industry. Foreign businesses have not been allowed to dabble in the industry for more than 80 years. Together with two other businesses, the Texan company of Talos Energy LLC is a partnership with a UK company called Premier OIL PLC and a native Mexican company under the name of Sierra Oil and Gas. The three businesses will have the honor to work on the first project of oil well drilling in Mexico which has not been done by foreign businesses in about eight decades.

Talos Energy LLC is the owner of 35% of the stakes. The company comes second after the native business of Sierra Oil and Gas which owns 40%. That leaves 25% of stakes for the UK company of Premier Oil PLC. The project got the name Zama- 1, and it will be completed in only three months since its start in May 2017.

Can New Oil Ventures by Talos Energy Lower Airfare?