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Scott Rocklage: An Innovative Leader & Contributor in the Pharmaceutical Industry!

If there’s one thing Scott Rocklage knows it’s the healthcare industry. Dr. Rocklage has been in the pharmaceutical field for well over thirty years and has served as CEO of many big name companies. He has also enrolled several medications into clinical trial programs resulting in the FDA approval of three of them.

Dr. Rocklage has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree and PHD in Chemistry and has acquired over thirty patents for inventions he has created. He has an extensive scientific acumen through the vast experience he has amassed in the life sciences trade. The following is a list of some of the companies and affiliations he has served over the years.


  • Chairman and Chief Executive of Cubist Pharmaceuticals
  • Executive Chairman of Ilypsa
  • CEO and President of Nycomed
  • Board of Associates at the Whitehead institute
  • Director at Rennovia
  • Board of Chairman at Cidara
  • Chief Executive Officer at EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals

Other Affiliations

  • VBI Vaccines Inc.
  • SciVac Therapeutics Inc.
  • Miikana Therapeutics Inc.
  • Achaogen, Inc.

In 2004, Dr. Rocklage became the Managing Partner at 5AM Venture Management Company LLC in Boston, Massachusetts. 5AM Ventures is a leading investment company centered on cutting-edge life science technology and information. Read more: Scott Racklage | Bloomberg and Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

They provide capital support to medical establishments that are searching for health care cures through pharmaceuticals and scientific breakthroughs. 5AM Ventures acts as a virtual think tank to find innovative ways to identify, preclude, treat or cure a vast array of medical maladies and conditions.

Dr. Rocklage brings to the table great expertise and experience in the legal, financial, therapeutic and managing aspects in the industry.

Dr. Rocklage implements a hands-on approach when establishing life science companies by providing counsel, direction and operational strategy for maximizing shareholder worth and return investment. They use non-equity capital and this affords increased monetary return and quicker return times.

5AM Ventures typically sees lucrative capital gains within three to five years as they build strategic partnerships with mega life science businesses and acquire money from varied government agencies. They’ve had a positive impact in the bio-pharmaceutical capital industry.

Jose Borghi: Award-Winning Brazilian Advertising Expert

Mullen Lowe Brazil ad agency president and CEO José Borghi is one of the Brazilian advertising industry’s most creative minds. He is also responsible for some of the advertising industry’s most beloved and effective ads. A graduate of Brazil’s Pontifical Catholic University, Jose Borghi earned a BA in Publicity and Advertising. He’s known since he was in high school that he wanted a career in advertising. He had gotten hooked on the industry after a trip to the local theatre with his sister where he saw the Lion Canne awards for best ads. After that he was passionate about creating powerful, meaningful, creative ads.


Among the Brazilian advertising world’s most prominent people, Jose Borghi began his advertising career with Standard Ogilvy in 1989. Working with Standard Ogilvy gave Borghi a great deal of experience and exposure creating ads for many international brands. That experience helped to put him on a career arc that led to greatness. After leaving Standard Ogilvy, Borghi held positions and worked on ad campaigns for Talent, FCB and DM9/DDB.


While at DM9/DDB, Jose Borghi collaborated with Erh Ray to create award winning advertising campaigns that were among the most successful in the international advertising industry. The campaigns were for companies like Microsoft, Parmalat, Mamiferos, Volvo, Electrolux, Honda, Michelin, Philips, Itau, Valisere, Jornal da Tarde, Universo Online, Antarctica, Calinhos, and many others. Borghi joined Brazilian advertising company Leo Burnett as creative director in 1999. In 2001 he became president of the ad agency. While there, Borghi created very successful advertising campaigns for Fiat, Frescarini and BankBoston. Borghi’s work helped the company become the Brazilian advertising market leader for the first time and learn more about Borghi.


After leaving Leo Burnett, Borghi created his own ad agency. In December 2002, Jose Borghi joined with Erh Ray to form a Brazilian ad agency called BorghiErh® Creative Intelligence. Four years later BorghiErh merged with Sao Paulo, Brazil based ad agency Mullen Lowe to create Mullen Lowe Brazil. During his career Jose Borghi has won numerous awards. They include 10 Clio Awards, 13 Cannes Film Festival awards, 11 New York Film Festival awards, 7 London Film Festival awards, 10 One Show awards and 15 Abril awards, among Brazil’s most important and respected advertising awards programs and more information click here.


Jose Borghi has created amazing ads for numerous Fortune 500 companies and major brands like Unilever, Mitsubishi, Sazon, Ox Cosmetics and others. His work is innovative, creative and very effective and Jose’s Website.

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Ladies First: How Whitney Wolfe Is Changing The Dating App

The online dating world is becoming a crowded field, what with all of the different apps and sites dedicated to this market segment. At this point for a dating app to get noticed it is going to have to offer something unique or different.

And one such app is Bumble, founded by Whitney Wolfe. What makes Bumble different is that it is a female led dating app. It gives women the upper hand in making decisions regarding who to go on a date with. This is in contrast with other apps where women do not have a major say in their dating choices. The way Bumble works is simple. Both parties touch the photo of the person they like. The difference is that only women can start the process.

Started in 2014 the app has become very successful. By 2016, Bumble could boast of nearly 25 billion profile views, 7 million users and a dislike rate for the app at less than 1%. Another interesting statistic is that the number of female and male users are roughly equal, which is a first in the dating app industry. Whitney Wolfe finds all these numbers sweet especially the last one. Because even though she markets the app from a feminist angle, she wants it to be equally popular for both men and women.

Whitney Wolfe is not new to the dating app world. Before she started Bumble she worked for another popular dating app called Tinder. After having left Tinder she hooked up with the CEO of Badoo, Andrey Andreev, and two former Tinder employees to start Bumble. Whitney is from Salt Lake City, Utah and graduated from Southern Methodist University. Bumble is based in Austin, Texas and According to Time Magazine, it is worth $500 million.

Ricardo Tosto Great Deeds in Brazil Law Sector

Brazil constitutes of more than 500 law firms registered and licensed to handle different emerging legal issues. The firms include; – domestic law firms, dispute and resolution law firms, litigation firms, tax firms, restructuring firms as well as real estate law firms just to mention a few. The number of attorneys in this firms are dedicated, and for one to get acknowledgment as an employee, it requires you provide academic credentials that meet the necessary guidelines as set by the judicial arm in Brazil.


Due to the increasing number of cases that require court hearings, the law firms compete to be the representatives of the victims. Setting the competitive standards and offering satisfactory services are some of the qualities Brazil residents look for when searching for a law firm to represent them. With more than 1240 law schools in Brazil, there are about 800,000 lawyers employed in private enterprises and others by the government as public attorneys. With a salary of about $10,000, most law graduates easily get a chance to start their career in private firms looking for young and energetic lawyers.


Ricardo Tosto is a committed lawyer who has been a role model to many. Mr. Ricardo graduated from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation with a business administration degree and later with a law degree from Mackenzie Presbyterian University. He is a professional lawyer with extensive experience in the law field. With his leadership skills and dedication, Ricardo has won many cases that made his name spread wide across the whole country. He is an entrepreneur and a strategist in the law field. He started in a small law firm and later after subsequent wins, moved to a larger company where he presented and defended individuals and multinational corporations. The move earned him the general public attention which made him be included in the panels that oversaw changes in the legal mechanisms that are still in place to date and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.


Ricardo tosto de Oliveira Carvalho joined other partners and pioneered Tosto e Barros and Associates which currently is known as the best litigation law firm in Brazil. With Over 27 years of experience, Mr. Ricardo has made the firm win many cases and has seen the substantial increase in the number of partners who include former employees in the firm as lawyers and supervisors and learn more about Ricardo.

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Orange Coast College

So, the well-known Orange Coast College rowing team is preparing to compete in the 2017 Nationals at Lake Lanier, Georgia. With the great athletic abilities of Daniel Amado and John Kinnear, the eight-member team will compete for a 12th national title.

Assistant coach Steve Morris, an experience Coxswain, has worked with the OCC rowing team during the practice season, May 2017. Further, the current men’s coach, Cameron Brown, has drilled the Orange College men’s team on physical developing and mental toughness.

The teamwork of the two-year college players will be at its best as they challenge four-year university teams. The fame OCC Rowing team has made a reputation of taking on the giants and coming out as the Giant Killers.

Thus, Orange Coast College’s athletic long-standing expands across six decades. As the team’s mascot is the Pirate, they have been awarded the Orange Empire Conference Sports Supremacy 26 times for the last 30 years. The trophy represents both men and women athletic programs during these conferences.

The Coast’s first competition run started in 1956 by their baseball team who dominated in winning the state championship. Therefore, the future athletes are yet carrying on that impression from the past athletes. With such a rich athletic history, Orange Coast College needs student-athletes who will bring hard work and commitment.

Added, the two-year junior-college has a campus size of 164 acres and is in Costa Mesa, California. At this point, you would be 40 miles south of Los Angeles. Since its classes beginning in 1948, Orange Coast College is now one of the largest community colleges in the nation.

The institution provides more than 130 academic and career programs. Inside OCC’s outstanding buildings, they are restructured with the latest in technology. Close to half of the students have registered in a specific curriculum.

With earned credits from the Orange Coast College’s career and technical programs, many of their students often transfer to several California universities throughout the state. However, some Orange Coast students have transferred to private colleges in California, but others have gone across the country.

Finally, because of one of its affiliates, students can now enroll in classes year-round at Orange Coast College.

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The Greyhound Diaries at is Best with Doug Levitt

Greyhound Diaries has transformed a lot of people lives hence enabling them to live more peaceful life and Doug Levitt is the founder of the company. ABC, NBC, and CNN are some of the broadcasting organization that he broadcasted from Iran, Bosnia, and Iran. Doug Levitt accomplishment is due to him being a hard worker in whatever he does hence he was able to achieve a Fulbright Scholarship whereby it assisted him in attaining a lot of his skills. Doug is a musician and songwriter. He also attained a master’s degree from London School of Economics and as well degree in nationalism too. He also commits to helping people to achieve their goals through enabling them to solve their problems and be successful.

Greyhound Diaries main aim is to use their music to convey a better message to the people so they can be able to transform their lives to be better. A lot of individuals who listen to the messages are mostly affected in their lives and face a lot of problems. The organization always ensures they provide them with buses which enable them to listen to the messages more clearly. The company achievement is through making 120,000 kilometers tour for over 10 years hence many people are reached. Stories and images are other elements which the organization uses to pass their messages too.

Greyhound Diaries also associated with WPA-era which is one of the biggest network organizations that shows their messages. Also, the organization has enabled to pass their messages in colleges, Southern Law Center and Woody Guthrie Center which enable them to be known all over and more people are reached. Media channels and newspaper including CNN, Reuters and Fox News, also displays the messages of the organization. Doug Levitt on Twitter.

Through defeating problems and transforming individual’s lives the organization is well privileged to be part of the journey and they will continue doing so due to the better management of Doug Levitt. Furthermore, with the human race facing more problems, the organization has enabled in providing better solutions to these problems hence making individuals to live comfy life without stress.

Madison Street Capital And a Reputation to Remember

The financial world is on the edge of their seats and to see the team of MSC do its work. What you have to understand is that the Madison Street Capital reputation isn’t one that was built overnight. It was built effectively day by day. It’s likely that the firm will continue to do so as long as it remains disciplined.


This disciplinary factor includes a strong ambition to enter into new fields. But the agency must remain true to what’s enabled it to be successful in the first place. When we read recent news about how the investment bank turned a challenging merger into an easy task, it’s clear. And we, those in the financial world, know it was a tough job.


Why Madison Street Capital Can Be So Successful


It started from the firm’s inception. Since its very first day, Madison Street Capital has been able to differentiate itself from other agencies. Not only is it in the heart of New York City, but the firm’s management understands the importance of a rare work ethic. Which seems like an obvious gesture to make as a business.


But when you’re competing solely on the difference between how one team works versus another, then you model the work ethic of Madison Street Capital. Just think for one moment. It’s easy to put a group of people together. It’s even easier to sell packages to investors and through the prospect of getting a strong return.


So what would make a firm like this stand out? Exactly. The recent merger between two giant tech companies proves that MSC stands out and in a substantial way.


What Can We Expect In The Future


As it stands now, the firm has a strong list of clients. It knows who are worth having and who need to be avoided entirely. The agency also has offices across the globe, so what it’s able to accomplish is within every time zone there is.


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Jeremy Goldstein Honorable Lawyer

For New York residents there is an easy new way to find a lawyer who can help you with all your legal needs. Why is that? Well the New York State Bar Assoxiation in addition with has developed an online portal that matches you with a lawyer fitting of all your legal needs. Before the online portal was created it was ran completely through a telephone service that has been operating for over 35 years.


The service is incredibly convenient and very easy to use. All people must do it fill out an online questionnaire detailing what legal matter that are facing. After they submit their form via the online portal a memeber of the New York State Bar Association will review it and make the appropriate contact to get you in touch with the right lawyer. The New York State Bar Association has reviewed every lawyer closely that is listed on their service. They work to make sure that each lawyer is in good legal standing. If they are not then their services are simply not available through the service. The online portal is doing wonders for the business of lawyers and is greatly of benefit to people in need of legal services. It is a mutually beneficial service. Referrals are free and there is only ever any cost of clients choose to go forward with lawyer services.


Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in school and law for quite some time. His schooling is extensive with three degrees from three different universities. Jeremy Goldstein founded his own firm Jeremy Goldstein and Associates.


Jeremy Goldstein is pretty popular in the lawyer world. He has done work for many large business across the world. His work with businesses is mostly related to corporate governance and acquisitions. He also writes about corporate governance.


Follow Jeremy Goldstein on twitter @jgoldsteinlaw1.

Life Line Screening’s CMO Andrew Manganaro Speaks about His Mission

The Chief Medical Officer of Life Line Screening, a preventative health screening company, knows about the dangers of asymptomatic diseases. Doctor Andrew Manganaro worked as a cardiovascular surgeon with a busy private practice. In this role, he saw case after case which could have been prevented had the patient been aware of the underlying causes. Emergent surgeries, such as those performed for ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms, and carotid embolic strokes, could have been prevented. He wanted to give his patients a way to screen for the underlying cause while it could still be managed with medicine and diet, rather than emergent surgery. He started Life Line Screening (LLS) upon retirement from his 35 year long career as a cardiovascular surgeon.


Life Line Screening offers clients a way to find asymptomatic diseases before they manifest in catastrophic outcomes. The non-invasive EKG and ultra-sound testing can be done affordably and quickly. LLS is currently the nation’s larges vascular and vascular associated diseases screening company. Doctor Manganaro states that LLS has screened over 8 million people. The tests offered include EKG screening to test for atrial fibrillation (which can lead to stroke), tests for osteoporosis, and measurements of arteries and the abdominal aorta. These tests help clients become aware of cardiovascular diseases and other asymptomatic diseases so that they can make modifications in the early stages of the disease. Doctor Manganaro has also said that he has plans to introduce a program that can test for adult onset diabetes and more information click here.


Doctor Andrew Manganaro is a graduate of the New York University School of Medicine, and continues to partner with them. He and his team are dedicated to continuing and promoting research in the field of preventative medicine. To that end, LLS also collaborates with the University of California at San Francisco, and Oxford University, as well as others. Doctor Manganaro explains that staying involved, and on the forefront of cutting edge research helps to drive the company forward. In a recent interview he stated, “We invested in research and scientific publication, which has helped make our mission clear” and learn more about Lifeline Screening.


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Lacey and Larkin fighting for Human Rights and Freedom

Human rights are the foundation of sustainable peace and development in every environment. KIOS Foundation strengthens and advocates the realization of human rights and freedom by supporting the civil society in cases pertaining human rights. KIOS Foundation focuses in channeling its support to mainly developing countries in East Africa and South Asia. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Freedom House is another independent watchdog organization. It is dedicated to expanding freedom and democracy across the world. The foundation advocates for civil liberties and political rights analyses the difficulties to freedom and support activists defending human rights to uphold the democratic rights.

In case the government denies legal rights and due process to a vulnerable group it means everyone`s rights are at stake. The ACLU Immigrants` Rights Project is committed to enforcing and protecting civil rights and civil liberties of immigrants and also ensuring private and public discrimination against them.

Using advocacy, public outreach, and targeted impact litigation, the ACLU Has been protecting the rights and liberties of immigrants for over 25 years. Read more: About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund

National Network of International Rights (NNIRR) has also played the major role in fighting for the rights of migrants. NNIRR has worked hard to strengthen the voice and the rights of international migrants. Currently, NNIRR collaborates with Global Coalition on Migration which grew out of Migrants Rights International (MRI) and with the Women in Migration Network. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Women in Migration Network focuses on gender analyses and positions in the global migration. However, NNIRR organizes and propose the proper global justice perspectives, empowerment of migrants and human rights. However, these kinds of groups require finance and the appropriate resources for them to operate fully.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is aimed to support groups advocating for civil, human and migrants rights and also freedom of civic participation and speech in Arizona. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are the co-founders and CO-CEOs of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. Lacey and Larkin have funded organizations advocating for the migrant rights in Arizona.

They dedicated $3.75 million to the organizations. The money resulted from the arrest in the year 2007 by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, after the Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey revealing the existence of grand jury proceedings that had stories covering the Sheriff. Disturbingly, grand jury demanded the identity of citizens who read and view New Times Stories online involving the Sheriff. Lacey and Larkin would spend a lot of their time and careers defending and asserting their first amendment rights and sued the county.