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Scott Rocklage and 5AM Ventures

Scott M. Rocklage, Ph.D. has been a venture and managing partner of 5AM Ventures for over 10 years. With degrees in chemistry from UC Berkeley and MIT, Rocklage has been instrumental in several successful applications for FDA drug approval over the years. Rocklage’s work at 5AM Ventures not only benefits investors, it also improves quality of life for patients suffering from several diseases around the world.


5AM Ventures is known for kick-starting the development of new companies in the life sciences space. By supporting medtech and biotech startups, 5AM drives improvements in quality of life for many people. This is not innovation for entertainment purposes. It has real impact for the better. And Scott M. Rocklage is a big part of 5AM Ventures’ success. His scientific background is impressive: as a BS student, he conducted research in a Nobel Prize winner’s lab. Since then, has had a hand in 30 patented inventions and what Scott knows.


He knows how to spot a promising investment. The team at 5AM Ventures seeks to make the world a better place, but knows that the investors expect to see a return on their money, as well. With Scott M. Rocklage as part of the leadership team, they never lose sight of this fact and Scott’s lacrosse camp.


5AM Ventures has worked with Ikaria, Ilypsa and Novira Therapeutics in the past, prior to their acquisition by larger pharmaceutical companies.


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Making Money in the Investing Field

Money is important in everyone’s lives. It is needed for food, housing, clothing and other things that provide a suitable lifestyle. People who are conscious of its importance often seek a means of investing that will allow their money to earn a larger amount than can be realized with the average bank interest.
Many seek an investment bank or a regular bank that has an investment banking division. This type of bank provides financial-related services to corporations, governments and individuals. The bank’s representative acts as an agent for the client and has the power to make decisions regarding which investment will provide the best return. They may also work with clients regarding acquisitions and mergers.

Each bank employs an advisor who must be licensed and is subject to regulations regarding the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Such an agent spends their career helping clients to earn more money on their original investment.

One of the most well known investment banking companies in the country is Lustgarten, owned and operated by CEO Martin Lustgarten. Due to its involvement in worldwide investment banking, the company has its pulse on economic growth in other countries as well as in the United States.

The Lustgarten Company deals mainly with corporations, governments, financial institutions, industry, high-end individuals and other entities. The goal of the company is to make money for their clients by buying, selling and trading financial products. Working for many years in the financial market, Mr. Lustgarten takes a personal interest in his clients and educates them regarding the value of stock options and securities.

Lustgarten is known as one of the best investment banks in the world. This is due to Mr. Lustgarten’s extensive experience in the financial field. Critics agree that his company offers an outstanding leadership in the area of investing with clients kept informed of every option and transaction.