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Jose Borghi: Award-Winning Brazilian Advertising Expert

Mullen Lowe Brazil ad agency president and CEO José Borghi is one of the Brazilian advertising industry’s most creative minds. He is also responsible for some of the advertising industry’s most beloved and effective ads. A graduate of Brazil’s Pontifical Catholic University, Jose Borghi earned a BA in Publicity and Advertising. He’s known since he was in high school that he wanted a career in advertising. He had gotten hooked on the industry after a trip to the local theatre with his sister where he saw the Lion Canne awards for best ads. After that he was passionate about creating powerful, meaningful, creative ads.


Among the Brazilian advertising world’s most prominent people, Jose Borghi began his advertising career with Standard Ogilvy in 1989. Working with Standard Ogilvy gave Borghi a great deal of experience and exposure creating ads for many international brands. That experience helped to put him on a career arc that led to greatness. After leaving Standard Ogilvy, Borghi held positions and worked on ad campaigns for Talent, FCB and DM9/DDB.


While at DM9/DDB, Jose Borghi collaborated with Erh Ray to create award winning advertising campaigns that were among the most successful in the international advertising industry. The campaigns were for companies like Microsoft, Parmalat, Mamiferos, Volvo, Electrolux, Honda, Michelin, Philips, Itau, Valisere, Jornal da Tarde, Universo Online, Antarctica, Calinhos, and many others. Borghi joined Brazilian advertising company Leo Burnett as creative director in 1999. In 2001 he became president of the ad agency. While there, Borghi created very successful advertising campaigns for Fiat, Frescarini and BankBoston. Borghi’s work helped the company become the Brazilian advertising market leader for the first time and learn more about Borghi.


After leaving Leo Burnett, Borghi created his own ad agency. In December 2002, Jose Borghi joined with Erh Ray to form a Brazilian ad agency called BorghiErh® Creative Intelligence. Four years later BorghiErh merged with Sao Paulo, Brazil based ad agency Mullen Lowe to create Mullen Lowe Brazil. During his career Jose Borghi has won numerous awards. They include 10 Clio Awards, 13 Cannes Film Festival awards, 11 New York Film Festival awards, 7 London Film Festival awards, 10 One Show awards and 15 Abril awards, among Brazil’s most important and respected advertising awards programs and more information click here.


Jose Borghi has created amazing ads for numerous Fortune 500 companies and major brands like Unilever, Mitsubishi, Sazon, Ox Cosmetics and others. His work is innovative, creative and very effective and Jose’s Website.

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Ladies First: How Whitney Wolfe Is Changing The Dating App

The online dating world is becoming a crowded field, what with all of the different apps and sites dedicated to this market segment. At this point for a dating app to get noticed it is going to have to offer something unique or different.

And one such app is Bumble, founded by Whitney Wolfe. What makes Bumble different is that it is a female led dating app. It gives women the upper hand in making decisions regarding who to go on a date with. This is in contrast with other apps where women do not have a major say in their dating choices. The way Bumble works is simple. Both parties touch the photo of the person they like. The difference is that only women can start the process.

Started in 2014 the app has become very successful. By 2016, Bumble could boast of nearly 25 billion profile views, 7 million users and a dislike rate for the app at less than 1%. Another interesting statistic is that the number of female and male users are roughly equal, which is a first in the dating app industry. Whitney Wolfe finds all these numbers sweet especially the last one. Because even though she markets the app from a feminist angle, she wants it to be equally popular for both men and women.

Whitney Wolfe is not new to the dating app world. Before she started Bumble she worked for another popular dating app called Tinder. After having left Tinder she hooked up with the CEO of Badoo, Andrey Andreev, and two former Tinder employees to start Bumble. Whitney is from Salt Lake City, Utah and graduated from Southern Methodist University. Bumble is based in Austin, Texas and According to Time Magazine, it is worth $500 million.

Life Line Screening’s CMO Andrew Manganaro Speaks about His Mission

The Chief Medical Officer of Life Line Screening, a preventative health screening company, knows about the dangers of asymptomatic diseases. Doctor Andrew Manganaro worked as a cardiovascular surgeon with a busy private practice. In this role, he saw case after case which could have been prevented had the patient been aware of the underlying causes. Emergent surgeries, such as those performed for ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms, and carotid embolic strokes, could have been prevented. He wanted to give his patients a way to screen for the underlying cause while it could still be managed with medicine and diet, rather than emergent surgery. He started Life Line Screening (LLS) upon retirement from his 35 year long career as a cardiovascular surgeon.


Life Line Screening offers clients a way to find asymptomatic diseases before they manifest in catastrophic outcomes. The non-invasive EKG and ultra-sound testing can be done affordably and quickly. LLS is currently the nation’s larges vascular and vascular associated diseases screening company. Doctor Manganaro states that LLS has screened over 8 million people. The tests offered include EKG screening to test for atrial fibrillation (which can lead to stroke), tests for osteoporosis, and measurements of arteries and the abdominal aorta. These tests help clients become aware of cardiovascular diseases and other asymptomatic diseases so that they can make modifications in the early stages of the disease. Doctor Manganaro has also said that he has plans to introduce a program that can test for adult onset diabetes and more information click here.


Doctor Andrew Manganaro is a graduate of the New York University School of Medicine, and continues to partner with them. He and his team are dedicated to continuing and promoting research in the field of preventative medicine. To that end, LLS also collaborates with the University of California at San Francisco, and Oxford University, as well as others. Doctor Manganaro explains that staying involved, and on the forefront of cutting edge research helps to drive the company forward. In a recent interview he stated, “We invested in research and scientific publication, which has helped make our mission clear” and learn more about Lifeline Screening.


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The Nastiness of the Struggle Addressed by Doug Levitt

One thing that is very true at this moment is that many Americans are struggling. While some people are just getting a taste of this struggle, there are others that are very deep into the struggle. As people get deeper into the struggle, they are exposed to more adverse conditions. For instance, some people who are on top of their struggles are likely to be faced with issues from other people or just health issues. People that are deep into the struggle are faced with the works of all of the issues that they could imagine. These elements could actually prevent them from getting out of the struggle and more information click here.


Doug Levitt has heard all of the stories. These stories have ranged from people just hitting rock bottom and getting back on one’s feet quickly to having one’s whole life taken away from him and having others make it as hard as possible for him to get back on his feet. One thing that is certain is that people have all kinds of funny mentalities when it comes to the struggling. One of the common ideas about people who are down on their luck is that they did everything to get themselves there. Another mindset is that these people who are struggling are strictly there for the pleasure of someone who acts as if he is taking pity on that person and what Doug Levitt knows.


One common theme with the struggle that Doug Levitt sees is that people who are down and out are not seen as fully human. Therefore, they are especially vulnerable to the nastiness that is out in the world. Doug Levitt himself has written stories that have exposed people to the horrors that could come with homeless and other similar circumstances faced by people. These often have them trying to start over by Greyhound travel.

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The Innovative Business Ventures of Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is a revered entrepreneur who has gained recognition in Brazil due to the successful business ventures that he has established. He has mainly ventured in the entertainment and real estate industries. Santiago is respected for his entrepreneurship skills that enable him to develop business opportunities into highly profitable ventures. He has been a businessperson from the time when he was still a teenager.

Santiago was born in 1958 and has been living in Joao Pessoa for most of his life. He schooled at the Pio X-Marist College and the University Center of Joao Pessoa where he was offered a degree in business administration. Roberto earned his first income by serving as an employee of a café that was based in Santa Rosa. After a while, he established a manufacturing business that primarily focused on decorative products. He ran the firm well and gained sufficient experience in the management of retail businesses. Read more about the mall on

Towards the end of the 1980s, Roberto decided to venture into the real estate field. He launched the Manaira Shopping Mall in 1989, and it is regarded as one of the largest shopping places in Joao Pessoa. The mall attracts many customers from the city and other parts of the country. It has excellent architectural designs, and it is located in a very strategies location. Manaira Shopping is devoted to ensuring that all its customers have an exclusive experience by offering them excellent entertainment facilities. Roberto Santiago is directly involved in the management of the business.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall accommodates more than 280 enterprises. They include a fitness center, fashion stores, game centers, a food court, a movie theater, a kid’s zone, and many other amenities. All these facilities ensure that people who shop at the mall have a remarkable experience that consists of fun, leisure, and comfort. Most tourists who visit the city tour the shopping place due to its excellent reputation.

One of the major facilities that Manaira Shopping has is the Domus Hall. It is among the biggest concert halls in the city and is located on the rooftop of the building. The room can accommodate about 4000 seats and can hold over 8000 standing people in a concert. Domus Hall is hired for events such as conferences, weddings, and concerts. Roberto Santiago has expanded the building about five times from the time that it was established. This has enabled it to match the Joao Pessoa population that is growing at a constant rate. It has also been fitted with the latest facilities so as to match the changing trends. Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall is located close to the beaches of Paraiba that enhance its beauty. The businessman has been successful in the mall business due to his passion. He runs another shopping place that is known as Mangabeira Shopping Mall. Read more articles on Jornal Da Paraiba

Scott Rocklage and 5AM Ventures

Scott M. Rocklage, Ph.D. has been a venture and managing partner of 5AM Ventures for over 10 years. With degrees in chemistry from UC Berkeley and MIT, Rocklage has been instrumental in several successful applications for FDA drug approval over the years. Rocklage’s work at 5AM Ventures not only benefits investors, it also improves quality of life for patients suffering from several diseases around the world.


5AM Ventures is known for kick-starting the development of new companies in the life sciences space. By supporting medtech and biotech startups, 5AM drives improvements in quality of life for many people. This is not innovation for entertainment purposes. It has real impact for the better. And Scott M. Rocklage is a big part of 5AM Ventures’ success. His scientific background is impressive: as a BS student, he conducted research in a Nobel Prize winner’s lab. Since then, has had a hand in 30 patented inventions and what Scott knows.


He knows how to spot a promising investment. The team at 5AM Ventures seeks to make the world a better place, but knows that the investors expect to see a return on their money, as well. With Scott M. Rocklage as part of the leadership team, they never lose sight of this fact and Scott’s lacrosse camp.


5AM Ventures has worked with Ikaria, Ilypsa and Novira Therapeutics in the past, prior to their acquisition by larger pharmaceutical companies.


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Introducing The Shrewd CEO And President Of Nabors Industries; Anthony Petrello

Nabors Industries is the number one gas and oil drilling contractor in the world. This giant corporation gets headed by Anthony G. Petrello. Mr. Petrello’s has served as the President, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board since 1991. Ask anyone who knows Tony, like, his college mate, Lloyd Grove and you’ll always get the same responses about the kind of person Mr. Petrello really is.

In an article published by The Daily Beast, Lloyd referred to Tony as being a genius who’s very disciplined, focused and of course, many times wealthier than Mr. Grove.

Brilliant Transformative Leader

Anthony Petrello graduated with the highest honors possible in his Law Degree at Harvard University. He would continue with his Masters in Pure Mathematics at Yale. Everyone at Yale expected Tony to gain a tenure at the learning institution and devote his life to the academia but they were dead-wrong. The seasoned investor and businessperson, Tony, opted to go out into the real world and get some first-hand experience. For the next twenty-five years, he would gain a reputation as being a shrewd and brilliant transformative industry leader.


Tony’s fame continues to rise as more and more satisfied client’s get to experience his “Midas Touch”. In 2015, Tony Petrello was reported to have accrued lifetime earnings of $25M by several media outlets. Despite being remarkably wealthy, the man is not the one to show off. In fact, he’s an astute introvert who prefers to spend time with close family and friends when not at the office. Over the years, the CEO of Nabors Industries has doled out a sizeable fraction of his personal fortune to help charitable organizations in his community.


A Preview Of The Life Of Antony Petrello.

At a young age, Antony Petrello was gifted in mathematics. He made a name for himself as a result of his prowess in this sector. He joined Yale University where he studied mathematics. He earned himself both a bachelors and masters degree. Later on, Antony completed his doctorate from Harvard Law School.

Due to his competence in numbers, and his acquired law degree, Antony started working on taxation, corporate law and also international attribution at Baker & McKenzie law firm. From 1986 to 1991, he was the managing partner of this law firm. Later, he was elected to sit as a member of the board and also the executive committee of Nabors.

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At present, he serves and the chief executive officer and president, a position he has held from the year 2011. He also is the board chairperson as from July 2012. Tony Petrello has an essential role in Nabors since he offers the company the vision and tactical planning. He aims at ensuring success for the company now and in the future. In the year 2015, as a result of his efforts, Antony was given a total of $ 27,512,939 as compensation.

Lloyd Grove is his long time college friend and has much to say about him. They were roommates in college. Lloyd described Antony Petrello as an extrovert and a mathematics whiz.

Antony is married to Cynthia Petrello. Together they have an eight-year-old daughter called Cerena. She was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) a neurological disease that is common in babies born early as a result of lacking oxygen or blood flow to the brain. Cerena was born at 24 weeks and has had many development issues. She has impacted the lives of her parents significantly.

Jim Hunt Explains How To Achieve Success In Stock Trading With VTA Publications

If you have never read about Jim Hunt VTA Publications and his stock trading programs, you need to check him out. Jim is a reliable business owner, author, publisher as well as a business coach. Jim is well versed in a wide range of business, finance and wealth building topics. He has also published his books as well as courses through VTA Publications, a well-established and successful information publishing company.

Stock trading is a fabulous way to earn enormous amounts of money and attain financial freedom on This investment strategy has been around for many years and is considered to be one of the best wealth-building opportunities. Fortunes have been amassed by many people who have taken the time to learn how things work in the stock trading arena at

Jim Hunt made a promise to show his mum how to become a successful stock trader. He actually said he would make her a millionaire in just 10 trades and that the entire tutorials would be online for everyone to see and follow along. The first step of the process has actually been documented is available on YouTube. It’s an intriguing challenge on and also lots of people have confidence that Jim will certainly provide on his guarantee as he has actually constantly done in the past.

New investors, business people and entrepreneurs should have access to premium quality resources before getting started. If you are starting in the stock market for the first time, it is imperative that you get quality education and training in order to do well in your endeavor.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications has the ideal training programs as well as courses. His course, Wealth Wave, is available from VTA Publications and is a great resource for newbies as well as experienced stock traders. His courses are utilized by countless people around the world and have helped people amass great wealth.