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Matt Lacey can ruin Futurama forever for you, too

No one really thinks of Math professors as having a sense of humor. Math professors dispute this vociferously, they even have a number of calculations to prove it. Unlike many of their students, they happen to think math is an exciting field to which a person should consider devoting his or her life.

Michael Lacey, a mathematician working at Georgia Tech feels this way. He also dispels the notions of math teachers lacking a sense of humor. Anyone can find this out by clicking on his personal profile on the Georgia Tech website.

A reader can find various comments under the teaching link, including this one: “This dude lectured at the University of Arkansas (it was about Futurama) and I can tell from that alone that he is completely worthless at interacting with human beings at all.

Michael also ruined all new Futurama episodes for me. It was the WORST lecture I’ve ever attended. Literally laughably horrible.”

Whine any Futurama fan knows how horrible it can be to have all future episodes of the show ruined for them, most people, mathematicians included, realized that Mat Groening did not intend to portray real mathematics. He just wanted to produce a nerdy show about an unintelligent person from the 20th century who gets frozen in time.

Basically, Phillip Fry is a Buck Rogers character without any marketable skills. Georgia Tech students also understand that Lacey’s courses are designed to challenge the students, and many of them appreciate.

Lacey does more than just teach. Like many other college professors, he is under a publish or perish mandate. A visitor to his Georgia Tech profile with a background in mathematics can read all of the papers he links to there.

He may even respond to question about how he ruined Futurama for someone, but not everyone appreciates being questioned in that manner.

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