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Orange Coast College

So, the well-known Orange Coast College rowing team is preparing to compete in the 2017 Nationals at Lake Lanier, Georgia. With the great athletic abilities of Daniel Amado and John Kinnear, the eight-member team will compete for a 12th national title.

Assistant coach Steve Morris, an experience Coxswain, has worked with the OCC rowing team during the practice season, May 2017. Further, the current men’s coach, Cameron Brown, has drilled the Orange College men’s team on physical developing and mental toughness.

The teamwork of the two-year college players will be at its best as they challenge four-year university teams. The fame OCC Rowing team has made a reputation of taking on the giants and coming out as the Giant Killers.

Thus, Orange Coast College’s athletic long-standing expands across six decades. As the team’s mascot is the Pirate, they have been awarded the Orange Empire Conference Sports Supremacy 26 times for the last 30 years. The trophy represents both men and women athletic programs during these conferences.

The Coast’s first competition run started in 1956 by their baseball team who dominated in winning the state championship. Therefore, the future athletes are yet carrying on that impression from the past athletes. With such a rich athletic history, Orange Coast College needs student-athletes who will bring hard work and commitment.

Added, the two-year junior-college has a campus size of 164 acres and is in Costa Mesa, California. At this point, you would be 40 miles south of Los Angeles. Since its classes beginning in 1948, Orange Coast College is now one of the largest community colleges in the nation.

The institution provides more than 130 academic and career programs. Inside OCC’s outstanding buildings, they are restructured with the latest in technology. Close to half of the students have registered in a specific curriculum.

With earned credits from the Orange Coast College’s career and technical programs, many of their students often transfer to several California universities throughout the state. However, some Orange Coast students have transferred to private colleges in California, but others have gone across the country.

Finally, because of one of its affiliates, students can now enroll in classes year-round at Orange Coast College.

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