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Doe Deere Creates Diverse Brand of Fashion Inspired Cosmetics

Doe Deere has been deemed the Queen of Unicorns. Anyone that follows her on social media is well aware of what this means. She has called her brand Unicorn Makeup, and she has created a successful cosmetics company called Lime Crime. This is something that shows the passion that Doe Deere has for makeup and colors.


There are lots of older women that may have never seen or heard of Doe Deere. There is a millennial crowd of consumers, however, that have taken to her style and made it their own. She is someone that lots of young women like to emulate because she is daring. Doe Deere has always been one to go against the grain and combined styles that some women may not necessarily have thought of on their own. She is a cosmetics leader that is also passionate about clothing design. She has incorporated all types of different colors and bold makeup shades into her cosmetic line because of this. She feels that one does not have to wear bland cosmetics because they have striking colors for their garments. She feels that women should have the ability to embrace bold colors just as enticing as the colors of the outfits that they are wearing.


Doe Deere has managed to create a totally different atmosphere in which consumers are able to buy cosmetics that do not look like what is typically sold in stores. She wanted to break away from what the mainstream was doing and living in Russia and New York City has given her a very unique perspective. She spends time living on the west coast in Los Angeles now, and that has also given her a different way to look at the cosmetics industry. Her upbringing has played an important part in helping her build a diverse brand that caters to demographic group that expands outside of the United States.


She has been able to stay connected to the audience that she has built through social media. This has given her a chance to minimize her cost of marketing Lime Crime, and it also keeps her aware of what her fans are looking for next from Lime Crime cosmetics.


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