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IoT Contributions in Making Our Homes a Safe Haven

Internet of Things (IoT) is a collection of internet-connected objects with sensors that allow collection and exchange of data. Some operating platforms like Gooee have introduced IoT lighting thus providing a different way of operating brands using the touch and sound component. The advancement is a major improvement to the traditional visual graphic interactions and designs using a screen. Therefore, consumers will have the ability to communicate in different ways other than the visual design by adopting the various IoT devices in the market.


IoT Devices


An IoT device is an internet connected equipment that allows a user to collect data from remote location. The use of the IoT smart home devices has increased to 93 million in 2015. The various IoT smart home appliances available in the market include the washers, dryers, thermostats, and refrigerators among others.


IoT smart lighting


IoT smart lighting has proven to be the most efficient product in providing services due to the reduced cost and energy saving properties. Some companies use some IoT LED bulbs from brands like Phillips to communicate with their customers in their stores. The smart bulbs available in the market include the Lifx Color 1000 that can change color and the Phillips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit. Every device from Gooee is highly secure since it contains a unique ID that allows the users to control and sense their individual data.