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How Doe Deere’s Desire for Creativity Became the Medium for her Cosmetic Company

As a successful female in the business world, Doe Deere is often asked about how she got her start. Ms. Deere is the founder of an online cosmetic company called Lime Crime. This company is known for the innovative shades it offers as alternatives to the more traditional colors generally sold by other companies in the beauty industry. Doe describes herself as being an imaginative child, but not really having an intention toward any particular aspect of business. She did begin to develop some entrepreneurial skills as a teenager, when she decided to popularize temporary tattoos and sell them to her friends.


Although she was born in Russia, by the time Doe was 17 she had moved to the United States. She lived in areas of New York, which included the diverse cultural atmosphere of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Before she thought about getting involved with beauty she tried her hand at becoming a musician. It was when she joined a band that she got a first-hand glimpse into the world of business. She also learned how to collaborate with other people, which included writing songs with the man who would end up becoming her husband. She continues her collaborative effort with the people she works with today, by always remaining open to new ideas.


Although Doe has always had a passion for creativity, she chose to follow in the path of fashion by going to New York’s FIT. She created the name Lime Crime in hopes of using it when she launched her own line of fashions. She always knew her taste in makeup was a bit out of the ordinary so she was very surprised when the online photos she posted of herself in her fashions began to receive recognition. As a way to better serve like-minded women who wanted more expressive shades of makeup, she launched her own line of cosmetics under her Lime Crime label.


Doe Deere sees her line of cosmetics as an extension of the fashion world. She believes true freedom of expression encompasses all areas within the beauty industry. She is known for encouraging other women to find what they feel passionate about and use that as a medium for creating a successful business. When she first began using alternative colors for her own makeup, she never imagined how her own love of color and desire for creative expression would lead her to create the successful business she runs today. Learn more: