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Personal and Innovative Therapy at Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is an organization dedicated to the battle against different forms of cancer. One of their main approaches is personalizing each persons experience with this disease. They believe each case is unique and aren’t looking just to treat cancer; they want to get to the root.

This organization is at the forefront of the battle ground, utilizing the newest technological advances in the field to give people hope for another day. They specialize in what’s called Precision Cancer Treatment. This breaks down into different categories of therapy that are all aimed towards the same goal of eliminating cancer, and CTCA’s Linkedin.

One is Immunotherapy, which is exactly what the name says. They use your body’s first line of defence, the immune system. Your body naturally produces cells. This enables cancer cells to bypass the body’s alarm system because they’re not coming from an external source. This new treatment uses specific drugs designed to show your immune system that these are not normal cells, kicking the immune system into action and destroying the imposters.

The next groundbreaking therapy used is named Advanced Genomic Testing. This is designed to show what mutations have occurred that have caused the cancer to form. They look at the DNA within the affected cells to have a better idea of which therapy would be best based on the information gathered in these tests.

Finally, they use what is called Targeted Therapies. This type of treatment is still being researched but looks promising. The drugs used can either aid existing therapies or act alone to get right to the heart of the problem. This can (in some cancers) go right to the cell and destroy it, and learn more about CTCA.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is making huge advances in the treatment of cancer, and they are consistently researching and improving their methods. They save lives and are committed to aiding those affected by this disease, and

An Overview of InnovaCare Health and CEO Rick Shinto

InnovaCare Health is a firm that offers managed medical services. It provides physical practice services and Medicare plans. It is the leading health care company in Fort Lee, New Jersey, where it is headquartered. As a premium Medicare and Medicaid provider, InnovaCare Health manages two health plans within the Puerto Rican Government Health Plan, namely; the PMC Medicare Choice and the MMM Healthcare. The health plans cover multiple Medicare services ensuring fully integrated, cost effective, sustainable advanced technology in the health sector. The company boasts of over 7500 professionals offering services to nearly 200,000 members. With the diverse and evolving healthcare industry, InnovaCare Health leverages their enormous experience to provide and coordinate innovative health care to their clients. Hence, the firm joined Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network, which helps to reform payment methods to improve quality of services provided. Contact details available at

The Leadership of InnovaCare Health

The success story of the InnovaCare Health can only be complete when the people behind the excellent management are revealed. Besides talent and unique patient –doctor relations, InnovaCare Health leadership has played a vital role in inspiring and impacting the team to allow the firm run smoothly and competently. The company announced its three new additions to the company on July 28, 2016. Jonathan Meyers assumed the position of Chief Actuary Officer, Mike Sortino was named as the Chief Accounting Officer, and lastly, Penelope Kokkinides assumed the position of Chief Accounting Officer of InnovaCare.

Before taking up the current position, Kokkinides worked as the vice chair of the clinical operations as well as the principal operating officer of the company. She has more than two decades of experience in healthcare programs dealing with government projects. She has in-depth expertise and knowledge in the development and management of clinical programs and medical operations with a specialty in organizational infrastructure and efficiencies.

Before joining InnovaCare, Kokkinides worked at the Centre Light Health Care firm as the Chief Operation Officer and vice president. She attended the Binghamton University where she graduated with a degree in classical languages and biological sciences.


Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is another outstanding individual in InnovaCare Health. He is the president and the CEO of the firm from 2008 to date. He has equal experience in clinical management and operations as his counterpart Kokkinides. Before InnovaCare Health, he worked as the principal medical officer for the Medical Pathways. He won the ‘A Tribute to Caring’ award following heartfelt empathetic gestures and support to his patients and their loved one’s as they underwent treatment.

Spearheading Further Developments in Dentistry

Dr. Weisfogel is one of the best well known dentists in New Jersey, New York. He has a great passion for dentistry. He is the owner of Dental Sleep Masters, founded in 2014 where he focus on the treatments of sleep apnea and other patient’s problems. He has focused on helping patients with sleep apnea and other sleep disorders using oral appliances. He works with other dentists to identify the cause and treatments for their different problems.

In fact most of his individual patients are referrals from other dentists who have not found the right treatment for their patients. Dr. Weisfogel is a an undergraduate from Rutgers University with a BA in biology and psychology. He also holds a DDS from New York University college of Dentistry and more information click here.

Before establishing his Dental Sleep Masters, he worked at Old Bridge Dental care as a dentist where he focused on individualized patient care. From 2007 to 2013 he was recognized by the Consumer Research Council for being the best cosmetic, implant and sedation dentist. The dental sleep master was a passion that he has had for over 15 years where he had a dream to develop solutions to the treatment of sleep apnea medical condition.

Since Dr. Weisfogel began his career in 2002, he has developed more than 100 therapies to assist in the treatment of sleep apnea patients. There is no known cure for sleep apnea hence the use of therapies. He has also been working with other dentists to develop more knowledge and other solutions to the sleeping disorder conditions.

Dr. Weisfogel has also been supporting an international charity Operational Smile GOFundMe campaign that aims at bringing back the smiles of children and young adults through free surgical procedures. The campaign operates on children and young adults who suffer from cleft palate, cleft lips and other face deformities.

Each year the Operational Smile camps in different countries with medical missions ready to help the communities. He targets $2, 000 that will be donated to operation smile. He believes that children should always get the best and have hope of tomorrow. They are our future and need the best care and contact him.

Analysis of The Services Offered by USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is an insurance company that offers innovative Life, Accident and Disability Insurance, and Specified Diseases/Sicknesses solutions for families, self-employed individuals, small business owners, and their staff. Through its subsidiaries, Freedom of Life Insurance Company of America and Foundation Life Insurance Company, USHEALTH Group strives to be America’s Trusted Choice for Healthcare by offering individually tailored plans to its clients. The Fort Worth, Texas-based company has served over 15 million customers for more than 50 years. They have managed to operate as a going concern in the complex world of health insurance. This success has been achieved through offering their customers with exceptional buying experience. These services are provided under the guidance of approved and trusted USHEALTH Advisors Agents who are qualified and highly trained on specific products.

Their undying devotion to individual attention has earned them a title as world leaders in customer care, innovation and business growth. Both subsidiaries of USHEALTH Group operate on crucial elements, which are “every customer is unique” and ‘one size fits all’ is not always the answer. Operating on these core values, the company offers a broad choice of affordable products that meet specific needs of every customer. This has helped them build a stellar reputation in customer care, earning them a rating of A+ from Better Business Bureau.

The USHEALTH Group of companies believes that healthcare insurance needs vary from customer to customer. To this end, they offer them with an array of options. They have established a broad portfolio of coverage plans on elements of flexibility, reliability and affordability in favor of customers’ choice. Clients having limited budget or those concerned about satisfying a high annual deductible before they receive benefits from the insurance plans are well catered for by the company.

For clients who prefer the security of a more personalized approach and can afford a certain level of cost sharing, the company provides them with a unique selection of Specified Disease/Sickness and Accident Plans solutions. USHEALTH’s line of ancillary products helps customers to enhance their protection for critical illness, short-term accident disability income, specified disease/sickness, life insurance, income protector and dental and vision plans.

USHEALTH Group stands out in an environment characterized by high customer turnover and low customer loyalty by creating lasting relationships with their customers. This strategy earns customers’ trust as they constantly deliver on their promises. They utilize their online tools and resources to make informed decisions and explore customers’ choices with regard to drug treatment options and cost, locating providers and analyzing customers’ prescription history plan. Through their savings center, they help their customers to find more ways of saving money by tracking personalized savings, home delivery options, brand vs. generic cost comparison.

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