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Personal and Innovative Therapy at Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is an organization dedicated to the battle against different forms of cancer. One of their main approaches is personalizing each persons experience with this disease. They believe each case is unique and aren’t looking just to treat cancer; they want to get to the root.

This organization is at the forefront of the battle ground, utilizing the newest technological advances in the field to give people hope for another day. They specialize in what’s called Precision Cancer Treatment. This breaks down into different categories of therapy that are all aimed towards the same goal of eliminating cancer, and CTCA’s Linkedin.

One is Immunotherapy, which is exactly what the name says. They use your body’s first line of defence, the immune system. Your body naturally produces cells. This enables cancer cells to bypass the body’s alarm system because they’re not coming from an external source. This new treatment uses specific drugs designed to show your immune system that these are not normal cells, kicking the immune system into action and destroying the imposters.

The next groundbreaking therapy used is named Advanced Genomic Testing. This is designed to show what mutations have occurred that have caused the cancer to form. They look at the DNA within the affected cells to have a better idea of which therapy would be best based on the information gathered in these tests.

Finally, they use what is called Targeted Therapies. This type of treatment is still being researched but looks promising. The drugs used can either aid existing therapies or act alone to get right to the heart of the problem. This can (in some cancers) go right to the cell and destroy it, and learn more about CTCA.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is making huge advances in the treatment of cancer, and they are consistently researching and improving their methods. They save lives and are committed to aiding those affected by this disease, and

Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Work Together to Bring Hope to Cancer Patients

Close to half of the population in the United States is touched by some form of a cancer diagnosis. This counts for patients suffering from cancer themselves, knowing someone who has cancer or a patient who has had cancer. Currently the statistics showcase that close to 14.5 million people are affected by cancer while by the year 2024, there is estimated to be close to 20 million individuals with cancer and learn more about Eric.


Tempus co-founder Eric Lefkofsky experienced his own personal scare in regards to cancer. His wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and he learned how difficult it was to receive the right diagnosis, treatment options or even results. Before Tempus, medical records were not kept up to date in real time. Since the start of Tempus, more patients are able to get the right treatment thanks to the constant updating of patients medical records and more information click here.


One of the key elements that Tempus has helped with is the human genome sequencing. With each stride in cancer research, the focus is on helping to break down the cancer gene and to find a way to fight cancer. Human genes are actually helping to find a way to fight cancer. The work that is making headway thanks to Tempus and Eric Lefkofsky is helping thousands of people have a better chance at living longer lives. Before Tempus, it took a number of phone calls and doctor visits to be able to get the same answers that you can now get with the up to date patient records. Before this, doctors would have to transcribe and then wait for the records to be entered before someone else was able to see the updated records. Now, Tempus made it so doctors have it easier and patients can get real results quicker because now their records are easily accessible and Eric’s lacrosse camp.


Eric Lefkofsky grew up in Michigan however he spent much of his adulthood in the Chicago area. He was born in 1969 to a mother who was a school teacher and a father who was an engineer. He was a native to Southfield, Michigan before going off to college at the University of Michigan. He went on to attend law school however never actually went into the law field. Instead, Eric grew into a well known entrepreneur.


Important Information About Oncologist Mikhail Blagosklonny

Oncology as a field focuses on the medical aspect of studying, diagnosis, and treatment of tumors. For most people this seems to be one of the difficult careers in the world, however to one oncologist Mikhail Blagosklonny, nothing could be further from the truth. Mikhail Blagosklonny is a man passionate about his area of specialty, and he is on a mission of making more people aware of it too. Thanks to his friend, Dr. Andrei Gudkov and the two, ran the successful peer-reviewed publication Oncotarget thus ensuring that medical research findings are made available to everybody in the world.

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Education and Career

Dr. Mikhail has a well-decorated CV. Mikhail education journey starts and ends at First Pavlov State Medical University in St. Petersburg. It is here that Mikhail completed his M.D. studies in internal medicine and Ph.D. in cardiology and experimental medicine.

Career wise, Dr. Mikhail started off in 2002 as an associate professor of medicine at New York Medical College, Valhalla. With his scholarly nature, Mikhail progressed to become a senior scientist at the Ordway Research Institute in New York. While at Ordway he excelled in his position giving him the position to maintain his position and at the same time helping him build on his skills for his next assignment. When the opportunity presented itself in 2009, Dr. Mikhail’s took it and joined the Roswell Park Cancer Institute where he works to date as an oncology professor.

Blagosklonny’s Role at Roswell Park Cancer Institute

To say the least, Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny is a seasoned researcher with a deep interest in cancer and aging. While in Roswell Park Cancer Institute Dr. Mikhail efforts have been greatly felt and appreciated more so in the Department of Cell Stress Biology of the Institutions. In addition to the original concepts to be used in cancer treatment developed by Mikhail, he has gone forth to co-found and edit an oncology-based publication known as Oncotarget.

Through Oncotarget, Dr. Mikhail has also contributed in the academia by publishing more than two hundred medical articles that have been cited and published by many researchers. This has helped create a lot of awareness about scientific research. Download output styles at

Spearheading Further Developments in Dentistry

Dr. Weisfogel is one of the best well known dentists in New Jersey, New York. He has a great passion for dentistry. He is the owner of Dental Sleep Masters, founded in 2014 where he focus on the treatments of sleep apnea and other patient’s problems. He has focused on helping patients with sleep apnea and other sleep disorders using oral appliances. He works with other dentists to identify the cause and treatments for their different problems.

In fact most of his individual patients are referrals from other dentists who have not found the right treatment for their patients. Dr. Weisfogel is a an undergraduate from Rutgers University with a BA in biology and psychology. He also holds a DDS from New York University college of Dentistry and more information click here.

Before establishing his Dental Sleep Masters, he worked at Old Bridge Dental care as a dentist where he focused on individualized patient care. From 2007 to 2013 he was recognized by the Consumer Research Council for being the best cosmetic, implant and sedation dentist. The dental sleep master was a passion that he has had for over 15 years where he had a dream to develop solutions to the treatment of sleep apnea medical condition.

Since Dr. Weisfogel began his career in 2002, he has developed more than 100 therapies to assist in the treatment of sleep apnea patients. There is no known cure for sleep apnea hence the use of therapies. He has also been working with other dentists to develop more knowledge and other solutions to the sleeping disorder conditions.

Dr. Weisfogel has also been supporting an international charity Operational Smile GOFundMe campaign that aims at bringing back the smiles of children and young adults through free surgical procedures. The campaign operates on children and young adults who suffer from cleft palate, cleft lips and other face deformities.

Each year the Operational Smile camps in different countries with medical missions ready to help the communities. He targets $2, 000 that will be donated to operation smile. He believes that children should always get the best and have hope of tomorrow. They are our future and need the best care and contact him.

Oncotarget is improving research

Oncotarget is a journal that is posted weekly by peer reviews involving Oncology topics. It is a free place for physicians, students and researchers to go to read about others findings and concerns about medical topics.

The journal was created in 2010 by Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov, who hold the positions of editor-in-chief. The journal is published by Impact Journals.

Oncotarget focuses on such topics as,

• Pathology
• Microbiology
• Immunology
• Autophagy
• Cell Death

The journal is a place where anyone in the medical field can go to learn from others that have had similar experiences when dealing with cancer issues on YouTube. It is like a free study group where anyone can go and get free access to a number of articles.

Some main targets looked at within the journal are things such as,

• Pathological research
• Targets involving cancer and the way the cells attack a body
• Treatments that have benefited patients with the disease
• Therapy that is used and others in the medical field can learn from.

Having a weekly journal like Oncotarget is a huge benefit to the medical field. A medical student can have all the free articles they want to study about the field.
Researchers can post their own findings and maybe even find some new clues to oncology from their peers. Medical staff that specializes in the Oncology field can find treatments and therapy that has been used by others and possibly share it with their own patients.

Oncotarget is a medical journal on that goes over all aspects of oncology and has proven over the test of time that many have found its content useful and helpful in the treatment of their patients and research.

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