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Magnises Opens Social Frontiers and Discounts

In 2014, Billy McFarland came up with a brilliant idea for targeting millennial consumers. The Magnises card was the central part of the plan and it is a card that takes the old “members discount network” concept preferred by older consumers and makes the marketing strategy a bit more hip. Anyone interested in attended the hottest of special events or getting great deals — exclusive deals — on hotels and dining may wish to think about signing up with Magnises. Sports fans can get great seats, travelers can procure outstanding rooms, and people wishing to meet new persons to add to social circles can take advantage of, well, too many things to list.

Going out on the town in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. can be an extremely exciting adventure on on Crunchbase. Not everyone is able to take full advantage of the night and day activities to the degree they wish for a simple reason. They just do not have the funds. Yes, things can be expensive at all the “in” places. Rather, they are expensive when the patron is required to pay full price. With the right savings and discount clubs, even rare and exclusive endeavors could come with deep discounts.

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Recently, Magnises was given cheers for making it easier for members to attend UFC 205. The UFC events are red-hot popular and procuring tickets is not all that easy. The social media pages for Magnises have revealed just how thrilled members are about the card’s ability to make seeing UFC 205 possible. And the event was a great one for mixed martial arts fight history.

Paying for things won’t be much of a fight though. The card can be connected with credit and debit cards. Instead of fumbling for different cards to make payments and procure discounts, all can be rolled into one. Convenience is then deemed another huge positive benefit to becoming a member.

One of the more interesting features of Magnises is the concierge feature. By tapping on a smartphone, a club member can get assistance from Magnises in a number of ways. This further enhances the smooth nature of using the Magnises card.

The Magnises experience is sure to be a memorable one. The card really does expand social options tremendously — and inexpensively.

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