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End Citizens United: New Reform to Campaign Finance

End Citizens United is a committee that has consistently addressed the needs of campaign finance and reform. They have analyzed the funding methods of political candidates as well as the sources and expenditures of campaign resources. Their ability to make a difference in political campaigns is large. They also have significant organization for those who participate in the process at multiple levels of government. Overall End Citizens United has consistently raised funds and is able to support its causes through individual and private resources, and learn more about End Citizens United.

The group has a longterm focus on overturning Supreme Court decisions regarding the regulation of campaign funds and political laws. The use of dark money in politics has been seen throughout the United States since the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United. The rise of these sources has decreased the quality of funding as well as evaluation that is performed on the sources of program funding. The End Citizens United initiative aims to improve the quality of resources as well as the process of evaluating funding use.

End Citizens Unit will be able to succeed based on receiving the endorsement of multiple politicians in the House of Reresentative as well as the Senate. Finance reform is an important way that campaigns and candidates can be evaluated for their efficacy and continual ability to address finance. The way that reform has continued to develop over the years has yielded numerous allies for End Citizens United.

Government transparency is at the root of the End Citizens United cause. They have greatly been interested in research as well as allocation of fresources that will help target politicans that have been using less than effective methods of acquiring or spending campaign resources. Constitutional standards as well as amendements have made a big difference in the way that political figures have used and received finances through numerous elections.

Four Republicans in particular have recently been targetted by End Citizens United. These include Mimi Walters, Dana Rohrabacher, Darrell issa and Duncan Hunter. These individuals have been identified as having potentially misuesed campaign funds. The way that their spending habits have persisted has drawn the attention of multiplepeople at End Citizens United. The cause for analysis will lead to the four politicians being further evaluated.

End Citizens has addressed funding needs for their causes consistently over the years. More than twenty five million dollars have been raised for this cause as of October. There are multiple contributions that have been made to further the initiatives of this organization. Overall they will continue to identify aspects of proper campaign misuse in order to investigate the management of resource at federal, state and local levels.

End Citizens United has been formed on a basis of reform and will consistently progress in order to achieve better campaign finance management, and their Facebook.

Squaw Valley Releases Report on November 30 Concerning Water Quality on the Upper Mountain

Squaw Valley Ski Resort is the site of the 1964 Winter Olympics, and Andy Wirth is now CEO and president of Squaw Valley Holdings. In November 2016, Squaw Valley reported to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health that E. coli and coliform bacteria had been detected in the upper mountain’s drinking water. Management immediately closed the restaurants on the mountain until further investigation occurred.


When Andy Wirth contacted the health department, he also contacted two water system specialists in order to have second opinions on what happened, and how to restore the system. They found three out of the four of the upper mountain wells still showed low levels of coliform and E. coli. Some of the treatment had been started, and there was an improvement.


Squaw Valley is providing bottled water for all the visitors and skiers until the entire issue has been resolved. Because of this precaution, no health issues have been reported, and skiing is permitted throughout the resort. Squaw Valley is dedicated to providing the utmost safety at the Olympic Valley resort.


On November 30, the PR Director for Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows Resorts released the following statement about what happened concerning the water system in the upper mountains.


At Squaw Valley, the unusually high amount of water inundated the water systems at High Camp and Gold Coast, which had been upgraded during the summer.


The result was contamination of those systems, and the problem was completely confined to them with none of the other resort’s water systems affected. During routine testing, this issue was discovered and Squaw Valley immediately contacted the health department. Because of this isolation, no one was exposed to the contaminated water.


The safety experts have been working to bring the levels back to normal, and until then, restaurants will remain closed and bottled water will continue to be distributed throughout the property.

Squaw Valley issues statement on upper mountain water quality