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Jason Hope – Supporting the SENS Research Foundation

The founder and Chief Science Officer of SENS Research Foundation decided to hold its 2017’s conference at the Santa Clara Hyatt Regency Hotel on August 21 and 23. The main topic of the event was, ‘Emerging Regenerative Medicine Solutions for the Diseases of Aging’, and it was a very special and inspiring event. The SENS Research foundation is a highly supported organization by famous entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jason Hope.In 2010, Jason Hope donates $500,000 to the SENS Research Foundation that has in return allowed the foundation to build, provide the Cambridge SENS laboratory with equipment and to further strategize the business.

Jason Hope’s passion for SENS Research Foundation stemmed from the SENS’s approach to anti-aging. Consistently seek and discover cures for diseases that causes humanity to age faster than normal, is the approach of admiration. Such diseases as: Alzheimer’s, heart disease and lung diseases are typical and through constant exploration, SENS Research is confident to find a way to prevent these diseases from even happening.Jason Hope is an extremely accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist from Tempe, Arizona. He studied finance at the university of Arizona State. After completing finance, he would later graduate W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State with his MBA.

Once college was finished, the career journey would begin and Jason Hope would pursue many adventurous devotions – indefatigable – and as a result, land a pretty nice penny of profits in the process.The overall goal of SENS Research Foundation is to create a biotechnology industry subjected to rejuvenation aiming its focus specifically on developing drugs derived from damage-repair discoveries, ideas and research. Jason hope is mesmerized by SENS Research Foundation’s consisted battle to create solutions for humanity to live forever; and never taking no for an answer, challenging the modern day way of doing things and developing innovative solutions in the process.

How Betsy DeVos Has Been A Lifelong Philanthropist

Betsy DeVos has given philanthropically throughout her life. Her main passions to give to are educational and arts causes, mainly in Michigan but nationally as well. Betsy and her husband, Dick, have a foundation they donate their money through, the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation. Betsy has been passionate throughout her life about making a positive difference in the world.

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One of the educational issues that has been a focus of Betsy’s philanthropy is school choice. She believes that families should have the option of attending different types of schools rather than just a public school, especially in zip codes where public schools are clearly failing. She has financially supported a number of national organizations that advocate for school choice and opening privately run alternatives such as charter schools. In order to help families pay for these private schools, she believes there should be legislative reforms such as tax credits and vouchers.

Due to the efforts of Betsy DeVos and others like her, there are now school choice options in 17 states across the nation as well as in Washington D.C. She has been involved philanthropically in school choice for more than 30 years, ever since she saw one in operation first hand in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This city has the Potter’s House Christian School and a majority of the school’s students come from low-income families. The public school district has been a disaster for many years and these parents decided to make a huge financial sacrifice in order that their children would receive a better education. Eventually, Betsy began sponsoring children at the school by helping to pay for their education.

Among the educational organizations that Betsy DeVos has supported over the years with both funding and her experience is the American Federation For Children. She served as this organization’s Chairman of the Board. She has also served on the board of a number of other educational organizations like the Alliance for School Choice.

As she has a lengthy background advocating for children’s education, she was nominated by President Donald Trump for the position of the U.S. Secretary of Education. She was confirmed in this position by the Senate and started serving in February 2017. She has said that her interest in education evolved from her mother who taught in public schools. Once she had children of her own, Betsy came to realize that not every child has the same access to a quality education, especially in districts where a large number of families are disadvantaged.

As the Secretary of Education, Betsy has vowed to help all students get a quality education. She also wants to restore more control of schools to states and local school districts rather than the large role that the federal government currently has. Visit Betsy’s profile on