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Sawyer Howitt And His Advise To Young Entrepreneurs

If you’re entertaining the idea of becoming an entrepreneur, you’re encouraged to do your due diligence, and perhaps seek the advice of someone who has already found success in this endeavor.

Sawyer Howitt is a prime example; if you’re unfamiliar with Sawyer Howitt, he is David Howitt’s son. David Howitt is the Founder and CEO of Meriwether Group, a premier business acceleration firm that provides invaluable resources to entrepreneurs. What is a business acceleration firm exactly? These are businesses that provide guidance, advice, and support for business startups.

Although still in his teens, Sawyer Howitt is the project manager for the Meriwether Group; in this role, Howitt oversees projects that impact how commerce will work in the future, and more importantly, how business development will adapt to technology. Granted, this a tremendous role for a teenager, but under his father’s tutelage, Howitt is more than capable of handling these tasks; he has worked with Meriwether clients, as well as classmates at his school. Yes, school, Sawyer is a 17-year-old student with an affinity for the business world. In an article published at, Howitt points to 5 tenets for success as a young entrepreneur:

• The power of networking
• Surrounding yourself with the right people
• Self-confidence
• Avoid procrastinating
• Embrace being a young entrepreneur

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Howitt believes that young entrepreneurs are very adept at harnessing new technology and using it as a resource to build a foundation for success; by networking and aligning yourself with the right people, opportunities will ultimately present themselves. Additionally, Sawyer believes that surrounding yourself with knowledgeable people can create learning opportunities, in any stage of business. Sawyer is also a proponent of self-confidence, he believes that being self-assured is key when it comes to being taken seriously as a young entrepreneur.

Sawyer Howitt believes that youth shouldn’t discourage young entrepreneurs from entering the business arena; instead, youth should be seen as the prime time to take calculated risks as you try to create success for yourself, and prospective employees. Lastly, Howitt believes that procrastination is your biggest nemesis; he believes that not capitalizing on opportunities represents a disservice to yourself.

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