Is Life Worth $18 Billion

How George Soros Has Given Over $32 Billion Away


You and I have never made a billion dollars.

Though George Soros just gave $18 billion to the Open Society Foundation, it only marginally compares to the total he’s given during his entire lifetime.


You may be far from ever reaching a million in a year. Look into the magnitude of George Soros and how he found it possible to give over $32 billion away in his entire lifetime. Though we won’t see this type of money, it’s clear that rich men like George Soros won’t be able to use it either.


Mr. Soros got his real start in philanthropy when he decided join in the work of transition and by starting the Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundations is a tolerance group that builds more democratic appeal in the world. The foundation works off the mind of George Soros and his personal charity.



Don’t Worry If You’ve Lost Count

The $32 billion donated by George Soros over his lifetime is difficult to grasp in terms of power, leverage and use. It’s incredible to even imagine what this money can be used for and what. Don’t worry if you’ve also lost count to the magnitude of all of these things. George Soros enters the philanthropic world as a true investor.


This means that there are numbers that only George Soros could uncover and then manage. Though $32 billion is beyond common comprehension, every penny of it had an agenda and an expected overall objective. Having thus is why Mr. Soros makes an impact more than he does a financial donation.



The Power To Influence Society

The level of a billionaire gives a person the power to move nations.


That power is also relevant when the work of George Soros enters the picture. George Soros apparently collects money for the sole purpose of making society a better place. The work he’s accomplished along with the Open Society Foundations is evident of the impact he lives and achieves.


Much of that impact is from money

The strategic approach George Soros took was to first earn millions or billions and then to give it all away if possible. These are the steps that he’s taken and continues to take as his philanthropic legacy is built, and read full article.


The Career Work Of George Soros

George Soros earned his money as one of our greatest financial traders ever. He earned himself a platform of respect due to how he outsmarted the financial markets over the years, and