Important Information About Oncologist Mikhail Blagosklonny

Oncology as a field focuses on the medical aspect of studying, diagnosis, and treatment of tumors. For most people this seems to be one of the difficult careers in the world, however to one oncologist Mikhail Blagosklonny, nothing could be further from the truth. Mikhail Blagosklonny is a man passionate about his area of specialty, and he is on a mission of making more people aware of it too. Thanks to his friend, Dr. Andrei Gudkov and the two, ran the successful peer-reviewed publication Oncotarget thus ensuring that medical research findings are made available to everybody in the world.

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Education and Career

Dr. Mikhail has a well-decorated CV. Mikhail education journey starts and ends at First Pavlov State Medical University in St. Petersburg. It is here that Mikhail completed his M.D. studies in internal medicine and Ph.D. in cardiology and experimental medicine.

Career wise, Dr. Mikhail started off in 2002 as an associate professor of medicine at New York Medical College, Valhalla. With his scholarly nature, Mikhail progressed to become a senior scientist at the Ordway Research Institute in New York. While at Ordway he excelled in his position giving him the position to maintain his position and at the same time helping him build on his skills for his next assignment. When the opportunity presented itself in 2009, Dr. Mikhail’s took it and joined the Roswell Park Cancer Institute where he works to date as an oncology professor.

Blagosklonny’s Role at Roswell Park Cancer Institute

To say the least, Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny is a seasoned researcher with a deep interest in cancer and aging. While in Roswell Park Cancer Institute Dr. Mikhail efforts have been greatly felt and appreciated more so in the Department of Cell Stress Biology of the Institutions. In addition to the original concepts to be used in cancer treatment developed by Mikhail, he has gone forth to co-found and edit an oncology-based publication known as Oncotarget.

Through Oncotarget, Dr. Mikhail has also contributed in the academia by publishing more than two hundred medical articles that have been cited and published by many researchers. This has helped create a lot of awareness about scientific research. Download output styles at

Spearheading Further Developments in Dentistry

Dr. Weisfogel is one of the best well known dentists in New Jersey, New York. He has a great passion for dentistry. He is the owner of Dental Sleep Masters, founded in 2014 where he focus on the treatments of sleep apnea and other patient’s problems. He has focused on helping patients with sleep apnea and other sleep disorders using oral appliances. He works with other dentists to identify the cause and treatments for their different problems.

In fact most of his individual patients are referrals from other dentists who have not found the right treatment for their patients. Dr. Weisfogel is a an undergraduate from Rutgers University with a BA in biology and psychology. He also holds a DDS from New York University college of Dentistry and more information click here.

Before establishing his Dental Sleep Masters, he worked at Old Bridge Dental care as a dentist where he focused on individualized patient care. From 2007 to 2013 he was recognized by the Consumer Research Council for being the best cosmetic, implant and sedation dentist. The dental sleep master was a passion that he has had for over 15 years where he had a dream to develop solutions to the treatment of sleep apnea medical condition.

Since Dr. Weisfogel began his career in 2002, he has developed more than 100 therapies to assist in the treatment of sleep apnea patients. There is no known cure for sleep apnea hence the use of therapies. He has also been working with other dentists to develop more knowledge and other solutions to the sleeping disorder conditions.

Dr. Weisfogel has also been supporting an international charity Operational Smile GOFundMe campaign that aims at bringing back the smiles of children and young adults through free surgical procedures. The campaign operates on children and young adults who suffer from cleft palate, cleft lips and other face deformities.

Each year the Operational Smile camps in different countries with medical missions ready to help the communities. He targets $2, 000 that will be donated to operation smile. He believes that children should always get the best and have hope of tomorrow. They are our future and need the best care and contact him.

Jeremy Goldstein – Most Sought After Lawyer in the Corporate World in New York

If you are looking for a lawyer in New York and having a hard time, then don’t worry as now with the new service launched by the Lawyer Referral and Information Service of the New York State Bar Association, it is much easier to find an attorney now. Numerous lawyers are practicing in the state of New York, so it becomes difficult to differentiate and see which one is the aptest for your case. It is essential to hire a suitable lawyer because you do not want a lawyer who specializes in criminal cases to take on a corporate lawsuit. One should always check the past track record, qualifications, market reputation, and more, to ensure that the attorney hired would be able to get the outcome desired.



The new service launched by the NY State Bar Association is available online through the website and over the phone and is available round the clock. Once the clients fill their details and summary of the case online through a questionnaire, it would be reviewed by the employees of NY State Bar Association, who would then match your case with the lawyer who is expert in handling similar cases. However, the clients are under no obligation to hire the lawyer they are matched with.



Jeremy Goldstein is one of the top lawyers in the New York State and is known for his substantial experience with mergers and acquisitions, corporate law, administrative law, resource management, compliance law, and corporate governance. Jeremy Goldstein is also the owner of Jeremy Goldstein & Associates LLC, one of the top law firms in New York. Jeremy Goldstein has worked with Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, in the past as an associate. Jeremy Goldstein managed the merger and acquisition of many leading companies, including of Duke Energy with Progress Energy.


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The Innovative Business Ventures of Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is a revered entrepreneur who has gained recognition in Brazil due to the successful business ventures that he has established. He has mainly ventured in the entertainment and real estate industries. Santiago is respected for his entrepreneurship skills that enable him to develop business opportunities into highly profitable ventures. He has been a businessperson from the time when he was still a teenager.

Santiago was born in 1958 and has been living in Joao Pessoa for most of his life. He schooled at the Pio X-Marist College and the University Center of Joao Pessoa where he was offered a degree in business administration. Roberto earned his first income by serving as an employee of a café that was based in Santa Rosa. After a while, he established a manufacturing business that primarily focused on decorative products. He ran the firm well and gained sufficient experience in the management of retail businesses. Read more about the mall on

Towards the end of the 1980s, Roberto decided to venture into the real estate field. He launched the Manaira Shopping Mall in 1989, and it is regarded as one of the largest shopping places in Joao Pessoa. The mall attracts many customers from the city and other parts of the country. It has excellent architectural designs, and it is located in a very strategies location. Manaira Shopping is devoted to ensuring that all its customers have an exclusive experience by offering them excellent entertainment facilities. Roberto Santiago is directly involved in the management of the business.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall accommodates more than 280 enterprises. They include a fitness center, fashion stores, game centers, a food court, a movie theater, a kid’s zone, and many other amenities. All these facilities ensure that people who shop at the mall have a remarkable experience that consists of fun, leisure, and comfort. Most tourists who visit the city tour the shopping place due to its excellent reputation.

One of the major facilities that Manaira Shopping has is the Domus Hall. It is among the biggest concert halls in the city and is located on the rooftop of the building. The room can accommodate about 4000 seats and can hold over 8000 standing people in a concert. Domus Hall is hired for events such as conferences, weddings, and concerts. Roberto Santiago has expanded the building about five times from the time that it was established. This has enabled it to match the Joao Pessoa population that is growing at a constant rate. It has also been fitted with the latest facilities so as to match the changing trends. Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall is located close to the beaches of Paraiba that enhance its beauty. The businessman has been successful in the mall business due to his passion. He runs another shopping place that is known as Mangabeira Shopping Mall. Read more articles on Jornal Da Paraiba

Politics Once Again Plays A Key Role In The Life Of George Soros

The political world has always been the domain of billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros who is well known for his ability to understand and interpret the events taking place in the world and make sense of them in an understanding and effective way. George Soros was well known on Wall Street for his ability to invest in many different markets after understanding the political events in different areas before gambling on the currency markets; the best example of the political acumen of the Hungarian born U.S. citizen is reported by Forbes to be his gamble on the devaluation of the British Pound that made the founder of the Soros Fund Management brand an estimated $1 billion. Read more about George’s life story at

In 2015, the work of George Soros once again returned to the U.S. political arena where the work of the hedge fund manager became the election of the next U.S. President; despite claims from the conservative media, George Soros has rarely played a key role in the Presidential election cycles of the 21st century apart from times when he feels the freedom of the people of the U.S. are at stake. George Soros had become a major political figure in the U.S. in 2004 when he provided around $27 million in donations in a bid to remove incumbent President George W. Bush from office, according to Politico. Soros had ideological differences with Democratic President Barrack Obama during the 2008 and 2012 election cycles that forced him to largely sit out these election cycles as Soros was not willing to simply back the left leaning candidates regardless of their beliefs and policies. Aides for the Clinton campaign have explained over recent years that Soros has offered his view that he made the wrong choice in 2008 by backing Obama over Clinton as the former Secretary of State is now viewed as a better option for President by George Soros. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Politics in all its forms have always been a major part of the life of George Soros who made his way to New York in the late 1950s and lived in the heart of the counter culture in 1960s Greenwich. Soros has enjoyed a long and successful philanthropic career fighting the forces of the right wing across the planet and believes the rise of Donald Trump and what has become known as the alt right are a major cause for he and other major donors to return to the Democratic fold and add their financial weight to the issues faced by the people of the U.S. George Soros is one of the leading figures in the Democratic Party and is often seen as a leading beacon for other liberal donors seeking to establish the Democrats as a party of success in the 21st century.

Scott Rocklage and 5AM Ventures

Scott M. Rocklage, Ph.D. has been a venture and managing partner of 5AM Ventures for over 10 years. With degrees in chemistry from UC Berkeley and MIT, Rocklage has been instrumental in several successful applications for FDA drug approval over the years. Rocklage’s work at 5AM Ventures not only benefits investors, it also improves quality of life for patients suffering from several diseases around the world.


5AM Ventures is known for kick-starting the development of new companies in the life sciences space. By supporting medtech and biotech startups, 5AM drives improvements in quality of life for many people. This is not innovation for entertainment purposes. It has real impact for the better. And Scott M. Rocklage is a big part of 5AM Ventures’ success. His scientific background is impressive: as a BS student, he conducted research in a Nobel Prize winner’s lab. Since then, has had a hand in 30 patented inventions and what Scott knows.


Rocklage also has the business savvy needed to succeed in the startup incubation space. He knows how to spot a promising investment. The team at 5AM Ventures seeks to make the world a better place, but knows that the investors expect to see a return on their money, as well. With Scott M. Rocklage as part of the leadership team, they never lose sight of this fact and Scott’s lacrosse camp.


5AM Ventures has worked with Ikaria, Ilypsa and Novira Therapeutics in the past, prior to their acquisition by larger pharmaceutical companies. It will be interesting to see what Rocklage and 5AM Ventures have in the works over the coming years.


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Introducing The Shrewd CEO And President Of Nabors Industries; Anthony Petrello

Nabors Industries is the number one gas and oil drilling contractor in the world. This giant corporation gets headed by Anthony G. Petrello. Mr. Petrello’s has served as the President, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board since 1991. Ask anyone who knows Tony, like, his college mate, Lloyd Grove and you’ll always get the same responses about the kind of person Mr. Petrello really is.

In an article published by The Daily Beast, Lloyd referred to Tony as being a genius who’s very disciplined, focused and of course, many times wealthier than Mr. Grove.

Brilliant Transformative Leader

Anthony Petrello graduated with the highest honors possible in his Law Degree at Harvard University. He would continue with his Masters in Pure Mathematics at Yale. Everyone at Yale expected Tony to gain a tenure at the learning institution and devote his life to the academia but they were dead-wrong. The seasoned investor and businessperson, Tony, opted to go out into the real world and get some first-hand experience. For the next twenty-five years, he would gain a reputation as being a shrewd and brilliant transformative industry leader.


Tony’s fame continues to rise as more and more satisfied client’s get to experience his “Midas Touch”. In 2015, Tony Petrello was reported to have accrued lifetime earnings of $25M by several media outlets. Despite being remarkably wealthy, the man is not the one to show off. In fact, he’s an astute introvert who prefers to spend time with close family and friends when not at the office. Over the years, the CEO of Nabors Industries has doled out a sizeable fraction of his personal fortune to help charitable organizations in his community.


Doe Deere Creates Diverse Brand of Fashion Inspired Cosmetics

Doe Deere has been deemed the Queen of Unicorns. Anyone that follows her on social media is well aware of what this means. She has called her brand Unicorn Makeup, and she has created a successful cosmetics company called Lime Crime. This is something that shows the passion that Doe Deere has for makeup and colors.


There are lots of older women that may have never seen or heard of Doe Deere. There is a millennial crowd of consumers, however, that have taken to her style and made it their own. She is someone that lots of young women like to emulate because she is daring. Doe Deere has always been one to go against the grain and combined styles that some women may not necessarily have thought of on their own. She is a cosmetics leader that is also passionate about clothing design. She has incorporated all types of different colors and bold makeup shades into her cosmetic line because of this. She feels that one does not have to wear bland cosmetics because they have striking colors for their garments. She feels that women should have the ability to embrace bold colors just as enticing as the colors of the outfits that they are wearing.


Doe Deere has managed to create a totally different atmosphere in which consumers are able to buy cosmetics that do not look like what is typically sold in stores. She wanted to break away from what the mainstream was doing and living in Russia and New York City has given her a very unique perspective. She spends time living on the west coast in Los Angeles now, and that has also given her a different way to look at the cosmetics industry. Her upbringing has played an important part in helping her build a diverse brand that caters to demographic group that expands outside of the United States.


She has been able to stay connected to the audience that she has built through social media. This has given her a chance to minimize her cost of marketing Lime Crime, and it also keeps her aware of what her fans are looking for next from Lime Crime cosmetics.


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Fabletics – Personalized Customer Experience That Making Amazon Re-think Its Marketing Strategy

Fabletics is one of the leading brands in the world of “Athleisure” apparel and has been in the news for its unique and spectacular collection and flexible subscription model since its inception in 2013. The company rose to fame from the time of its launch, not only because of its unique collection and high-quality products but also because Kate Hudson is one of the founders of the company. Fabletics is a subsidiary of TechStyle Fashion Group, owned and founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler, who also serves as the CEO of the company.



The last year’s gross revenue of Fabletics was close to $250 million, and it is a figure that is steadily growing as the enterprise continues to grow at 35 percent annually. The company that started as an innovative fashion startup is now giving a run for its money to giants such as Amazon, which already enjoys a market share of close to 20 percent. The popularity of Kate Hudson played a vital role in devising a marketing campaign that was appealing and helped send out the message to its target audience in a constructive and positive manner. Moreover, the effort put in by the company is clearly visible by the collection it offered, which is unique and stands out from what is already made available by other brands. Moreover, the price at which the Fabletics offer its products is comparatively lower than what others major brands offer.



In the reverse showroom technique, the company aimed at reaching out to not only its existing customers but also new and potential customers across the nation. It is a marketing method already pioneered by companies such as Warby Parker and Apple and achieved great success with it. Fabletics started with the idea that it would first grasp the attention of its target audience online and after that move towards opening physical outlets. It helps in transforming the interested and curious customers into loyal patrons. And, the company uses extensive retail data from its sales operations to showcase the products that are popular and preferred by the customers.



The VIP members are happy with the kind of convenience, products, and services offered by the company. The customers, through this subscription model, can buy just the kind of goods they want at the price they can afford, from the comfort of their home. Fabletics aims at standing out in the fashion retail market, even with fierce competition from companies such as Amazon, Warby Parker, and others, but it has managed to find its space and market. The company offers affordable products, high-quality athleisure items, easy accessibility, exceptional customer service, and a unique collection, month after month. With so many factors working together to enhance customer experience, Fabletics is a brand that is here to stay. If you are joining Fabletics anytime soon as a member, don’t forget to take its popular Lifestyle Quiz that personalizes your shopping experience at the site.

Omar Boraie, Shining A Light of Revitalization, Urban Development, and Empowerment in New Jersey

Omar Boraie emigrated from Egypt to New Brunswick, New Jersey. He was focused on getting a Ph.D. He later established Boraie Development LLC., focusing on creating vibrant real estate, including putting up a New York-style tower downtown. Mr. Boraie has utilized his expertise, creating multiple buildings for residential and commercial use. Boraie Development focuses on urban real estate development, which has been significant to the revitalization of both New Brunswick and Atlantic City. Atlantic City is still recovering from economic downturn, and has benefited greatly in the past five years, thanks to Boraie Development.

According to NJBiz, the State Theatre is a cultural hub in New Jersey, responsible for putting on several productions annually. The Theatre relies on philanthropic donations, and much of their support has come from Boraie Development and the Boraie family. The State Theatre offers free movies in the summer, and is one of the top venues for live performances. The Free Summer Movie Series is something that the community greatly looks forward to, and is sponsored by charitable donations from Boraie Development LLC. Providing free family-friendly entertainment, is just one way The State Theatre serves New Jersey.

Elijah’s Promise is an organization that seeks to disrupt the poverty cycle affecting communities across New Jersey. Sam Boraie sits on the Board of Directors of Elijah’s Promise, reports Rutgers,. Elijah’s Promise focuses on empowering individuals, encourages business development, and provides health foods.

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