Scott Rocklage: An Innovative Leader & Contributor in the Pharmaceutical Industry!

If there’s one thing Scott Rocklage knows it’s the healthcare industry. Dr. Rocklage has been in the pharmaceutical field for well over thirty years and has served as CEO of many big name companies. He has also enrolled several medications into clinical trial programs resulting in the FDA approval of three of them.

Dr. Rocklage has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree and PHD in Chemistry and has acquired over thirty patents for inventions he has created. He has an extensive scientific acumen through the vast experience he has amassed in the life sciences trade. The following is a list of some of the companies and affiliations he has served over the years.


  • Chairman and Chief Executive of Cubist Pharmaceuticals
  • Executive Chairman of Ilypsa
  • CEO and President of Nycomed
  • Board of Associates at the Whitehead institute
  • Director at Rennovia
  • Board of Chairman at Cidara
  • Chief Executive Officer at EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals

Other Affiliations

  • VBI Vaccines Inc.
  • SciVac Therapeutics Inc.
  • Miikana Therapeutics Inc.
  • Achaogen, Inc.

In 2004, Dr. Rocklage became the Managing Partner at 5AM Venture Management Company LLC in Boston, Massachusetts. 5AM Ventures is a leading investment company centered on cutting-edge life science technology and information. Read more: Scott Racklage | Bloomberg and Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

They provide capital support to medical establishments that are searching for health care cures through pharmaceuticals and scientific breakthroughs. 5AM Ventures acts as a virtual think tank to find innovative ways to identify, preclude, treat or cure a vast array of medical maladies and conditions.

Dr. Rocklage brings to the table great expertise and experience in the legal, financial, therapeutic and managing aspects in the industry.

Dr. Rocklage implements a hands-on approach when establishing life science companies by providing counsel, direction and operational strategy for maximizing shareholder worth and return investment. They use non-equity capital and this affords increased monetary return and quicker return times.

5AM Ventures typically sees lucrative capital gains within three to five years as they build strategic partnerships with mega life science businesses and acquire money from varied government agencies. They’ve had a positive impact in the bio-pharmaceutical capital industry.